5 Best Apps to Track Somones Snapchat – 2018 Edition

If you are interested in snapchat track then you should know that there are a few snap track apps that have shown some great results in doing so. The following are the best five snapchat track apps for 2018.Compare and use them and you will see that learning how to track on someones snapchat is not hard at all.

Even people with modest skills can take advantage of the following apps and use them for their own benefit

Copy9 is the best software for snapchat track free. It comes with plenty of great features and options for you to use.  The best thing about Copy9 is that it is completely undetectable and you can remotely monitor everything in the targeted device.


Using the app is very simple. Just install it and then log on to your account at Copy9 where you will be presented with all the information you are interested in. Snapchat is a very popular social platform today, used by millions of people, mainly youngsters. If you want to protect your children and check out what they are doing on Snapchat then there is no better option than Copy9.

Besides doing snap track, with Copy9 you can also 

  • Track text messages
  • Monitor calls
  • Check out call logs
  • GPS location
  • Access deleted data
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This application comes with plenty of features which make it stand out from the rest.

2. MTrack


Mtrack is tracking software that improves all the time and latest updates are better than the previous ones. This app can be installed on smartphones and tablets, but you need to get the exact Mtrack version for the operation system of the targeted phone.

With Mtrack you can learn how to track on someones snapchat without problems, and there are some other features as well like:

  • Accessing emails
  • C​​​​all logs
  • I​​​​nternet history
  • You can also block different apps, calls or website

Snapchat messages can be monitored at all times, both on Android devices and devices with iOs systems. With the advanced key logging feature you can get snapchat logins and passwords, as well as get access to targeted phone's emails and messages. 

Another good thing is that there is no need for jailbreak with the latest Mtrack version

3. Hoverwatch


This snapchat track software gives you chance to track and see who has been using your phone or computer. Using hoverwatch is simple and it requires following three steps.

  1. First you have to sign up to the application,
  2. Second step is to prepare the device for tracking
  3. The last third step is monitoring snap track data.

This software is compatible with Android, Mac OS and Windows PC.  It comes with several advantages like: 

  • It is invisible so you can monitor snapchat messages without being discovered
  • You can also access browsing history
  • You can take screenshots and access photos and videos
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However, although this app comes with many advantages, one drawback could be the fact that you must physically access the targeted device if you want to install hoverwatch software on it.

Un-installation can be done remotely, but installation is only done by physically accessing the targeted device.  This can be a problem for those that want to know how to track on someones snapchat without being detected.

4. Trackzie


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Fourth application that can help you with snapchat track is Trackzie. It is effective and popular app that comes with several features and useful options.

This is a reliable application for doing snap track, so give it a try and see what it can do for you.

  • It also provides GPS tracking feature with which you can track the targeted phone at all times.
  • Monitoring snapchat messages, calls, text messages and other activities is also done very easily.
  • Among pros of this application is the fact that it can be used for monitoring all kinds of data besides snapchat messages
  • Rooting the targeted device is not necessary and Trackzie comes in different packages for different needs
  • You can access call records, calendar, address book, social apps, photos and videos among other things.

One drawback is that it costs thirty dollars per month if you want to use it and there is no free trial version for you to try.



Flexitrack is a popular snapchat track free program which you can use to monitor exchanged snapchat messages on any Android device.  

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There are many other tools and features that are available to you, so this snap track app is a pretty good solution for your needs. 

  • You can also track text messages, monitor calls, check out received and sent emails, as well as use GPS feature.
  • Call interception is a good feature if you want to record the phone calls as they happen
  • You can also record the phone surroundings, which is another plus.
  • App monitoring tools enable you to check out the messages that are sent and received on Snapchat and other popular social media apps.

This app is compatible with almost all devices, including tablets and smartphones that operate under Android or iOs. Although this app provides you with detailed information regarding tracked data and there are many positive testimonials about it, one con is that this app is a bit expensive, as it costs about $150 and it does not come with a free trial version.

Best Snapchat Track Apps

All of the five mentioned snapchat track apps have their own advantages when it comes to snap track.  Great thing is that they provide you with snapchat track free features for you to try to gain access to different things. 

With all of these apps you can quickly learn how to track on someones snapchat and we believe that Copy9 will deliver you the best results. Consider the pros and cons of the mentioned software, compare different things and then go for the application you believe it will be best for doing snapchat track free.

Get a Free Trial Copy9: Download copy9 snapchat track app

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