View Apps usage history

If your target devices is an iPhone, Android and you want to see what software activity and know exactly what they install, when, and when they remove it then Copy9 and its ability to spy on their phone software activity is exactly what you need.

See a complete list of all installed software
See the date software was installed
See the name of the software installed
See the software version number
See the software file size
See the software icon
See if software has been launched
See if software has been closed
See if software has been uninstalled

Why You Need To Spy on Their Phone Software Activity
There are thousands of software packages for phones on the market these days. Some are useful and others are not. If you are concerned about someone in your life spending too much time on their phone inappropriately then using Copy9 phone software activity spying feature you can get full access to a complete overview of how they are using their phone. You can see exactly what they install and have running and when. You can even use Copy9 phone software activity spying feature to diagnose their phone if it is beginning to run slow. Simply take a look at the applications running and when they were installed. Only Copy9 gives you this level of detail so if you want to know exactly what software they have on their phone and how they are using it then allow Copy9 and its phone software activity spying feature to provide the answers for you.

For Android devices:
So far we temporarily stop feature of application usage history on Android devices because it drains too much battery on target devices.   In stead of this we just display list of installed applications on that device and we have ability to block what applications you want.



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