3 Ways To View Private Instagram Profiles and Photos 2018

Instagram as a social media platform has grown in popularity over the last few years since its inception. It is the platform that is most popular for those who want to document their life online through the sharing of dozens of pictures.

If you have an account on Instagram, then your pictures are public for everyone to view unless you set it otherwise. That is why sometimes people limit access to their profiles and only allow those they want to view their pictures, by setting their accounts private.

So if you are wondering how you can view private Instagram profiles, worry not because this article is for you. There are mainly three ways you can view private Instagram profiles, which include:

  • Asking the person directly to accept your follow request
  • Creating a fake ID profile account
  • Using private Instagram viewer tools

For this article, we will focus on the last two methods.

This will work for you if you have been blocked by your target or if you do not want them to know that you are viewing their profile. In this case, creating a fake ID would be the ideal choice for you.

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The best choice is to create another profile account. If this is your preferred method, here are a few pointers that may get your follow request accepted:

  • When you create a fake profile account, the best way is to set it as a female profile, complete with a feminine profile picture especially if your target is female. This is because you will appear as friendly, safe and less of a stalker. This is just a misconception though it has proven to work for many others.
  • Include a profile picture and a few real photos with some nice captions to your fake Instagram account so that your account appears to be more authentic. To even take it a step further, you can set your account private as well.
  • If your request is still not accepted, you can send a private message to your target explaining why you wish to follow them.

We hope this works, but please take caution because your target can report your account to Instagram support team and have your account blocked.

Part 2. Try using Instagram Profile viewer tools

The other unconventional way is to use private Instagram viewer tools which are available online. However you need to be careful to use genuine tools because some of them are not legit and could introduce malware into your device.

The tools will help you to view content that is privately shared by your target. The advantage of using these tools is that they work well online, so you do not need to install or download anything into your mobile phone or computer. All you need is to login to your account and you have full access to private profiles.

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There are two Instagram private viewer tools you can use, which include:

  • InstaTrack
  • Instagram+

2.1 How to use InstaTrack? - instatrack.net

This is a tool that allows you access to private accounts online where you can view, like or comment on any post you wish from your target’s profile.

You have the option of viewing it online or downloading the content to view it offline. The best part is that you will remain anonymous because you do not need to use your personal information when registering an account

So how does it work?

1. Go to InstaTrack.net on your device and select the “See private profiles now” option


2. Go the main Instagram page and copy the profile link to your target


3. Once a new tab opens, copy the URL you selected in step 2 into the link box. Select the option “Want to view” and choose the things you want to view from your target.


You will now be able to access the private user’s Instagram account.

2.2 How to use Instagram+ ?


This is a self-modified version of the official Instagram app. However, it is not available on Google Playstore or Apple store but you can get from this link http://ogmods.net/home/OGInsta.

This is a “cracked” version so to speak, because it has other additional features than the official app. One of its coolest features besides accessing pictures and videos online is that the private photo browser enables you to zoom the pictures when you tap. 

How to use the app?


2. Enter your login credentials to sign in, or register for a new account

3. Search for your target’s profile from the search bar.
4. You can now view the private profile by default

Final thoughts

The above methods will assist you to view private Instagram profiles but by using legal methods. However, the easiest and best way is to just send a profile request or ask the person directly if they can accept your follow request.

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