Ways to hack a phone with Top Best Hacking Apps For Android In 2021

There is plenty of demand for such android hacking apps which might turn an Android phone / mobile device into a hacking machine. So I make a listing of ways to hack a phone with the most effective hacking apps for Android in 2021. that may turn your Android into a complicated hacking machine.

Android is a software system utilized by quite 2 billion people. Android is the most generally used software within the world. The Android developer is Google. Android uses the modified Linux kernel.

Since it's a kernel fabricated from Linux it's very difficult to hack android on Kernel Level, but did you recognize android is most vulnerable if you disable play protection from your device. And you'll be able to hack android easily by doing it at the OS level.

So, we are visiting to discuss some 10 APK hack for Android, which can turn your Android into a hacking machine. Such hacking apps for Android are a set of a number of the most effective that is only used for penetration testing and bonafide hacks to secure your network.

Mobile Hacking apps for Android

1. Copy9

Copy9 is one of the best mobile hacking apps for Android. If you're trying to find an Android hacking app, then Copy9 is the safest and most reliable transportable tracker for you.

Basically, Copy9 may be a multifunctional track application for Android. It involves tracking WhatsApp, Facebook, Apps, signal, Web History, GPS, SMS, Email, Photo, Keylogger, Calendar, Skype, Snapchat, Line, Instagram and Line.


The explanation I like to recommend the software is that it comes with premium security and is unobtrusive. Its ultimate control is in your hands, without fear of leaks.

All are mobile tracking solutions for Android users. you do not have to download the other apps because this one has everything you wish. With the assistance of this app, you'll keep track of just about anything on the victim's mobile device.

If you've got kids, you'll be able to also track your child's activity through this app.

You can get started with three easy steps:

how to download copy9

> Access Copy9 Website and Create an Account by simply entering your email address and password;

> Download and install a mobile tracking app on the victim's device;

> Login to your account and see all tracked data.

The procedure is as simple as eating a piece of cake. If you're still confused about how to use Copy9, then check out the video below in full. In the video below, you will get brief information on how to install and use the Copy9 application to track victim activity.

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Features of Copy9:

  • Can track SMS messages;
  • Phone number locator;
  • Easily keep track of all major social media applications;
  • Keylogger tracker;
  • You can also check browser history.

2. ACMarket

The ACMarket app starts with the goal of being the most effective alternative to other app stores. it's an in-depth database where you'll get all the official and modified versions of the best-rated apps, games and hacking tools.

The ACMarket App Store may be a great platform with many special features to allow you to get all the items you wish. Ac marketplace works well for both Android and iOS devices.

Although ACMarket isn't a hacking tool, you'll download plenty of hacking tools and applications through it. ACMarket offers the simplest hacking tools for games and modified apps, allowing users to repair the newest version of any app. There are many reasons for lots of users around the world to trust this app.

ACMarket scans all apps before release, and you'll be able to download them without risk. The way it works is incredibly simple and even comes up with positive and feedback and rating systems, providing users with valuable information for downloading apps.

Features of ACMarket:

  • User-friendly;
  • Warm community;
  • Superfast speed;
  • Safe to use;
  • Great reviews;
  • No root required;
  • Automatic Updates for Applications;
  • Support English and many other languages;
  • Free to download and use;
  • No advertisements;
  • Well organized;
  • There is no geographic limit for any country;
  • Some of the topics include;
  • There is no subscription fee.

3. Game Guardian

Game Guardian is one of the simplest game hacking apps for Android. This application allows you to hack almost any game available on your Android devices. have you ever played PUBG mobile and saw a hacker within the game doing the massive jump, wallhack, no jerky. So you've got to consider how these hackers can hack the foremost popular game within the world. this can be possible due to Game Guardian. With the assistance of this great tool, you'll also hack PUBG.

Game Guardian basically modifies the sports scripts that are running inside your device's RAM. that permits you to hack almost any style of game.

This game works on a rooted device. If your device isn't rooted, then you'll be able to run Guardian game on virtual space like parallel space.

Cheats and Scripts of the precise game you would like to hack are available on the sport guardian website. you'll be able to download game guardians from below.

Features of Game Guardian:

  • Look for encrypted values;
  • Dump and copy memory;
  • Search and modify values using third-party scripts like .lua;
  • Available in more than 50 languages;
  • Supports game emulators like PPSSPP, ePSXe, GameBoy, etc.

3. USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver is one of the simplest tools to steal information from a connected ADP system. Through this app you'll be able to get data like stealing chrome password, the victim's IP address, WiFi password rendering, etc.

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Best of all, this tool does everything silently without the victim's knowledge. you'll check/download this tool from below.

Features of USB Cleaver:

  • Render system information including browser and Wi-Fi passwords;
  • Allows you to choose the payload;
  • xCopy documents, files and images;
  • And more.

4. Wi-Fi Kill

Wi-Fi kill is capable of disconnecting all devices connected to the identical network. Basically, Wi-Fi kill could be a Wi-Fi hacking application that disconnects all the users connected to the Wi-Fi network and allows you to enjoy the complete internet speed thereon. This app is meant for rooted devices.

You can even take a look at what others are surfing on their device, So this is often a good tool for entertainment. you'll be able to download this android app below.

Features of Wi-Fi Kill:

  • You can view your device's network name using Wi-Fi Kill;
  • Disconnect users connected to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • By using Wi-Fi Kill, you can Check what others are surfing on their Android device;
  • Simple user interface.

5. Droid SSH

The full kind of SSH is Secure Shell. Basically, SSH could be a server, it runs on port 22 and it helps you to attach from one computer to a different safely. With the assistance of your device's IP address and secure password.

So what are the uses of Droid SSH? Basically, Droid SSH is an Android application that enables you to attach to your device from a PC and execute terminal and shell commands.

So you've got to give some thought to why I post this tool in hacking apps for Android. Basically, this tool may be used for ethical hacking, like if you discover any vulnerability on an SSH server and you've got an SSH server's password and IP. you'll be able to then easily connect your Android device to SSH, and you'll be able to execute terminal commands and bash commands. Use this tool only in a very legitimate way.

Features of Droid SSH:

  • Connect your Android device from PC;
  • Execute terminal commands, ADB shell commands;
  • Edit file;
  • Share key authentication.

6. Network Mapper

Network Mapper is one of the powerful apps for Android that helps you scan and discover network protocols, open ports, explore services, explore the software and network vulnerabilities.

You can use the network mapper to seek out vulnerabilities in open ports on your website. It also helps you discover the incorrect server configuration. If you're looking to use Nmap in Linux, then there could be a complete way to use Nmap.

There is no need to root your Android device to use this hacking tool. you'll download the network mapper from below.

Features of Network Mapper:

  • Scan web servers for vulnerabilities;
  • Firewalls evade;
  • Scanning system;
  • Scans for open ports, operating systems and more;
  • List the target's open ports;
  • Server detection.
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7. DroidSheep

Want to prank people on the identical Wi-Fi Network? Then this app is best for you.

So what does DroidSheep do? It can monitor the activities of all the people connected to your WiFi network. If someone is browsing an internet site and looking out for a movie, you'll block their request and you'll take the victim to a different website as you want.

Droid Sheep only works on HTTP: // it'll not beat HTTPS: //. Droid Sheep is an open-source application. This app requires a rooted Android phone.

So if your Android isn't rooted then you'll be able to root your Android to use this app. you'll download DroidSheep from below.

Features of Droid Sheep:

  • ARP is fake;
  • Terminate or delete a session from the list;
  • Save cookies;
  • Add the server to the blacklist;
  • Hijack session using DroidSheep.

8. AndroRat

Rat stands for remote access tools. AndroRat may be a java based application. With this app, you get direct remote access to the Victim's Android phone.

The drawback of this tool is that it'll only work on your local area network (LAN). you'll take complete control of any Android device with the assistance of this tool.

Features of AndroRat:

  • Check call log using AndroRat;
  • Take pictures from afar;
  • Send text messages without information to the victim;
  • Make the device vibrate;
  • View GPS location.


ZANTI is another to DroidSheep, but Zanti is way more advanced than the Droid Sheep with some advanced options such as you can crack the password and steal your neighbour's WiFi, it can do middleware attack and might block the victim's redirect request to any website as you would like.

The best thing I prefer about the app is that it's an excellent simple UI. So you may not have any difficulty associated with this application.


So guys, here are the top 10 best ways to hack a phone with the most effective hacking apps for Android in 2021. Don't use these apps to hack innocent people. The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. So please don't try these apps on illegal hacking. You can try these tools to perform penetration testing on your own network in a legitimate way.

Best Hacking Apps for Android FAQs

How easy is it to hack a phone?

The question of mobile phone hacking capabilities and comprehensive security is one of those issues that seem to reappear on newsletters at certain times, and it's a concern. easy to know.

After all, we seem to be at home with the sheer convenience of using a cell phone, that we'll spend all day using our devices, whether it's texting, tweeting. texting. Texting on Facebook without realizing all the ways we can control our phones is in danger.

That's a big question, so answer it, choose one of the apps mentioned above, hopefully won't bring you the boredom of technical content. How easy is it to hack a phone like Android or an identical device that you use every day?

What applications do hackers use?

It depends on the package you're running. If you're running an Android package, then all of the above-mentioned apps during this article are employed by cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers.

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