What is spyware? Different types of Spyware and Cell Phone Spyware

What is spyware? Different types of Spyware and Cell Phone Spyware

Spyware is software that is programmed by third parties, and this software gathers information of the user like personal information, activity on the internet, user logins, etc of that certain device (computer, cell phone, tablets, etc) without the user knowing about it.

This spyware automatically gathers these information without the user’s knowledge or control for various purposes like marketing, redirecting user searches in the web browser, installation of additional software and other hacking purposes.

Types of Spywares

There are four different types of spyware which have their own purpose and functions. They are mainly computer spyware and cell phone spyware.  These four different spyware are related with each other, and all these four types of spyware can be present in a single system if it is seriously affected.

cell phone spyware

These four types of spyware are

  • Adware
  • Trojans
  • Tracking cookies
  • System monitors


This type of spyware tracks information from the user like user’s browsing activity on the Internet and downloads to keep track of user’s intent. After this adware tracks the user’s activity like web searches, frequently visited websites and downloads, this adware then displays several types of ads like window ads or pop-up ads. These are done mainly for marketing purposes.


Trojans are malicious software that often appear legitimate and fool people into accessing them by several social engineering techniques. Unlike other spyware, Trojan horses cannot install themselves automatically.

Trojan horses controlled by third parties mainly are used for accessing sensitive information, accessing files and modifying or copying them, affecting device’s performance. This has now become a major cell phone spyware.

Tracking cookies

These third party tracking cookies track user’s web activities like web searches, history, downloads, etc for various purposes like marketing, business and other purposes which depend upon the intention of the attackers.

System monitors

These spyware gets automatically installed in the devices and monitors different functions, and either tries to spoil or copies data information of the system that is running the device.

These different types of spyware first started attacking computers, and now a plethora of these spyware infect cell phones as well as computers. With the introduction of smartphones, it has been much easier for third parties and cyber criminals to attack cell phones with malware and spyware.

These spyware in a cell phone are mainly domestic and commercial spyware.

Domestic Spyware in Cell Phone

Domestic spyware is a legitimate spyware that is made available for users for some useful purposes like tracking of cell phone of another user, viewing their activity on social medias like Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype.

These purposes are mainly for friends, parents, and families to keep track of their loved ones. To use it, these types of spyware have to be installed in the targeted phone. After installation, this spyware will access all the personal information and can track location by accessing GPS.

Commercial Cell Phone Spyware

As discussed above, commercial spyware are not like domestic spyware. This spyware are made by cyber criminals and released by third parties for felonious purposes without the knowledge of the user.

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