What is whatsapp spy and why we need using it ?

Whatsapp is a phone application that allows people to exchange messages, pictures, videos together and it completely free. It used to transmit data from the internet or 3G. Whatsapp compatible with almost operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows phone and Symbian. Whatsapp has become widely used applications in the world with over 90 million people are using Whatsapp.
If you are suspect your partner infidelity or you want to know the secret of your partner, your children then Whatsapp can give you the most accurate answer. To to that, we need to read the Whatsapp messages or we can call it is the spy Whatsapp messages.
So how to spy on whatsapp message?
There are many ways to spy Whatsapp or hacking Whatsapp but I’ll show you how I feel extremely simple that anyone can do even if you are not know about tech
Using spy app Copy9. Only devices for Android.

Before using copy9, let’s find out about it a little.
What is Copy9?

This mobile application is a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring of your underage kids’ or employees’ activity on their smartphones/tablets. Once you’re done with the Copy9 installation that takes just a few minutes, you’ll be able to track any mobile user’s activity remotely from your Copy9  account accessible to you from any web browser at my.Copy9 .com.

How does it work ?
How can Copy9 track the messages from Whatsapp?
Here are some free functions of Copy9:

  • Sms tracking
  • call tracking
  • gps tracking

To use trial Copy9, please download at here: Download and install Copy9.
You will be use trial Copy9 within 2 days. When you finish the trial time, you must renew your account at My.copy9.com page.
Many function of Copy9 when you buy it:

With Whatsapp, Copy9 can:

  • Spy on WhatsApp Messages and Chats.
  • WhatsApp Spy on Group Messages.
  • Spy on GPS locations in real-time.
  • Spy on WhatsApp Contacts.
  • Spy operation works in a complete stealth mode and thus remains undetected!

If you want to spy whatsapp messages on phone, you need to pay your account in Copy9. See price list here: http://copy9.com/prices/
After purchasing Copy9, you will receive instructions to install and activate your device Copy9.
Copy9 are discounted up to 35% on all orders within 7 days, if you want to spy whatsapp or more than that, do not hesitate to buy an account at Copy9. You will get support 24/7 via email and via live chat on the website.
With Copy9, not only you can spy Whatsapp then you can spy all functions such as SMS, call log, call recorder,…
Copy9 is the perfect choice for you.

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