Whatsapp tracker - the ultimate privacy detection app in town

Whatsapp tracker – the ultimate privacy detection app in town

Whatsapp tracker is the latest identity tracking app in the growing world of technology. It has been developed keeping in mind rising concerns of detecting privacy of spouses, children or employees. In today’s fast moving world when everything is available at a click, people have this fantastic app at their disposal which allows them to track location, chats, contacts, messages and other activities without getting their identities revealed. This app would allow such wonderful activities to take place without making a big hole in your pocket.

Its features

The most amazing feature of this whatsapp spy app is that information revealed is accurate. You exactly know what are your kids up to, what is your wife doing in your absence or what are the whereabouts of your employees. This app is surely going to reduce all your burdens and make you concentrate on other important activities of your life without worrying about the activities of your near and dear ones.

How to install it?

Installing this mobile tracking apps is very easy and customer friendly. You just need to have the target phone where you want this app to get downloaded, ready in your hand. You install this app in the target phone and it would just take a few minutes to get installed. After installation is complete, a quick link will be sent to your account from where you can monitor all activities taking place in the target phone.


A step by step guide will allow you to install the app without any hindrances:

  • First step would involve you to turn off the notification which says “Scan for threats”. This would be applicable to android 5.0 and above

  • The second step would ask you to change configuration of your mobile which would be available in settings panel

  • The third step asks you to download our most authentic whatsapp tracker by using the steps provided in the installation guide

Why is it unique?

The most unique feature of whatsapp tracker is that it allows you to configure or track other person’s cell phone information and also information available on social media sites such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Viber, BBM etc. This app also has an option to hide the app icon by simply pressing on the hide option. Its logo would disappear and you can secretly keep a track on the happenings of the user’s mobile by logging into your account without the owner/user getting a hint of what you are doing.

It would also allow users to identify the location of person by using its highly efficient GPS tracking services. The best part about this whatsapp tracker is that it is 100% undetectable which means that nobody would be able to detect your identity as well as your location. Another unique feature is that this app is compatible on all platforms like android and ios.

So what are you waiting for? Simply log onto our website, download our app and get amazing spying experience of a lifetime. All such facilities are easy to get with just a click of a button. No hidden charges and no spam. Genuine detection services which are developed by our team of software professionals.

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