Yes there are some good Phone tracker GPS spy free apps

Yes there are some good Phone tracker GPS spy free apps

There are many spy tracking apps which are available to users for tracking another phone for various purposes and reasons. There are very good tracking apps developed and made available to public users in the internet or official sites.

While these apps have functions and features that are very useful and are genuine, most of these good tracking spy apps comes with a demanding price. Not many people are interested in paying for these apps, and they want free tracking apps that are good and reliable. So some of the phone tracker GPS spy free apps are discussed below.


Copy9 is a free phone tracking app for smartphones. This application is a very helpful tracking app if anybody wants to track another person of their concern. By using legal ways, this app tracks another phone through different tracking functions.


There are many great tracking features in this app that makes this app a great choice for anyone interested in tracking another target phone. One of the greatest features of this app that cannot be found in most free spy tracking apps is that a single user can monitor up to five devices by using this app.

Other features that are very essential for accurate monitoring which is present in this spy app are text messages viewing of the host, tracking the location of a particular target by getting access to their device’s GPS software. One can get access to target’s activity on the internet like most searched items, websites that are often visited, search history and downloads.

Another great function of this tracking app is that users can access to target’s media content like photos that are taken recently and existing photos, even from front camera.


It is a phone tracker GPS spy free app that is widely used for Android smartphones and other devices. This spy app has some unique extra added functions which can be very useful in knowing more about the target.

Also this spy tracking app has very helpful and user-friendly features that are just amazing to use. This spy app works in a stealth mode, which means that the targeted person will not know that they are being tracked upon.

A new feature that cannot be found in most free spy tracking apps is that this app can even record typed passwords and keystrokes in a US keyboard. Other useful functions of this app are accessing call logs with all history, tracking location by GPS, tracking text messages on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, and tracking web browsing activity.

These are the top phone tracker GPS spy free app which has been used widely and these apps are very reliable. These apps works just like it is mentioned, and they do not have any extra additional costs.

So these spy tracking apps would be a very good choice mainly because they are free to download and easy to use. These tracking apps have very useful tracking features that gives correct results every time.

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