3 Simple Steps to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

SMS spying has various uses. Worried parents may wish to watch their children's online conversation. For example, they may spend the entire day on the phone or even more time texting than talking. You will learn what they are doing if you read their texts.

Text message spying is an easy way to learn about a partner. A partner who overuses the phone may refuse to answer questions concerning texting. With no proof, a cheating spouse will often avoid questions about cell phone usage. Spy software might reveal their actions.

The best text message spying tools are undetectable. Unbeknownst to the intended phone user. They won't even know you're watching them. To spy on iPhone text messages, you need an iPhone spy program. The best app to spy on text messages is Copy9.

Spying on Text Messages Using Copy9 App

Copy9 lets you snoop on text messages from any phone. It works on Android and iOS. You can control Android devices, iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

The best feature of this software is that it is free. This app is free to use. The app's Text Message Spy feature allows you to effortlessly access all texts for free.

Copy9 lets you snoop on texts from any phone. The paid apps require the user's phone number or username to spy on their messages. After installation, you can see all messages on the target device. You can even see deleted or old communications. You may also see who the individual is speaking with if they are connected.

Copy9's control panel can track text messages. You may examine and edit all collected data in Copy9. Copy9 runs on Android and iOS and requires internet access.

To download the app, you must first register. Enter your email address and password. You can access your personal control panel after joining up. After logging in, you can add a monitored phone.

If you want to spy on text messages on Android, you can try this link.

Reasons to Spy on Text Messages

Here are some reasons why you need to spy on text messages.

Parental Control

Surveilling your child's text messages is an excellent approach to keep them safe. Text message surveillance is lawful for several reasons. These tools will help you keep track of your child's activities and keep them out of trouble, as well.

Catch a Cheater

It's not easy to catch a cheating spouse, but a simple mobile phone monitoring gadget can help you catch them simply. A cheater's SMS texts can be tracked.

Employee Monitoring

You can also monitor your staff via SMS messaging. It will assist you prevent employees from disclosing confidential company information.

3 Simple Steps to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Copy9 is an app that lets you spy on iPhone text messages. It is a free phone surveillance app for all iOS devices. This program allows you to simply spy on iPhone text messages in three steps. No need to download or install. To spy on messages, simply use cloud credentials. Here are the measures to take.

Step 1: Register Account

Create a spying account with the Copy9 app first. To register, go to copy9.com and select the register option. Fill out the form to establish a free account. It will create your ID and password. You need an account to spy on all text messages for free.

In this article (https://android.copy9.com/), we will explain how to utilize the Copy9 app to spy on an iPhone or iPad.

how to download copy9

Step 2: Remote Installation

After that, you must remotely install the software. No need to download or install the app. Simply enter your iCloud credentials in the cloud panel. It will let you set up a remote account. The cloud account will be linked to the spy app for free iPhone spying.

Step 3: Login and Use Text Message Spy

After installing the software on the phone, just log in to your spying account. Then go to the control panel and select Text Message Spy. It allows you to free spy on iPhone text messages.

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