6 Best Free Phone Location Tracking Tools To Track Phone Location

GPS is one among the essential technologies in recent times. It allows people to navigate through unfamiliar areas and locate famous places and buildings. A useful functionality of GPS is that it is often accustomed to track specific devices and learn people’s exact location.

You may want to trace GPS location of your children and loved ones, or perhaps track your mobile if it gets stolen or misplaced. Thankfully, you'll now track someone and their phone with a free mobile tracker without them knowing. We bring you an inventory of such tracking apps supported by the phone GPS.

What are the best GPS phone tracker apps?

If you are really looking for a location tracking app for any other device other than yours, you will need to use applications that are commonly referred to as GPS phone tracking apps. .

Such apps make it possible to get information from someone else's device's GPS and send their exact location to your phone so you can see your travel history or see your location over time. real.

Here are some of the best free GPS phone tracking tools for Android devices.

Life24h: GPS Phone Tracker


Life24h: Family Locator Free

Life24h: This phone location tracker is the simplest one, but it is very effective. It allows you to monitor your device or that of a family member through the app.

After you have installed this app on your device, you need to register your family or relative in the app. When you create a circle, every time your family member moves out of the location you have selected, it will notify you. It makes it easy for you to manage your children going home safely or not.

Especially when your phone is lost or stolen, the application helps you to see the exact location of your phone. It is compatible with Android devices.

Phone GPS Tracker


Phone gps tracker

The GPS phone tracking app​​​​ on the phone boasts many great features. After installing it on any device, you'll track its location from the developer's website. The app includes a bunch of useful features like built-in chat and real-time tracking. It also allows you to feature friends and family to the app. you'll be able to also schedule tasks with the app.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Find My Friends


Find My Friends is additionally a useful GPS tracking application with only 19 MB in size. It also has lots of features like real-time location tracking and even the placement history of your friends and loved ones. 

It also allows you to customize the notifications; for instance, you'll set a chunk of data for whenever your children enter a selected location like their school. it's supported by both iOS and Android devices.


Familonet is another real-time mobile tracker app that allows you to track family and loved ones. The application contains various functions, such as setting daily destinations, emergency button, built-in chat, gallery and groups

This application is only available in the Apple store of iOS devices.

Copy9: GPS Tracker


With over 10 million downloads on the official website of Copy9, Copy9 is one of the foremost popular itinerant tracking apps. the most highlight of this app is that you just can set private family and friends groups within the app and customize the features accordingly. 

Each team member can follow all other members in real-time. it's available for Android devices from version 5.0 and up.

Some advanced features of Copy9:

- Call History: this is a feature that helps users track the call history of the target device every day.

- SMS History: this is a feature that helps users track default messaging chats and instant messages of social networking apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram ...

- Ambient recording: This is a feature that helps users to hear the sound around the device. It helps you to hear what the teacher teaches when your child comes to class or what your spouse is doing at the company if they are cheating on you.

- Many other useful features such as Keylogger, WiFi Status, Notification History, App History Usage, App Installed, Clipboard, Photos, Contacts …



Lookout isn't precisely a GPS tracking app, but an antivirus and security app. However, we include it during this list because it's a “find my phone” setting. The app allows you to trace your phone if it’s stolen and even helps you ring an alarm when the phone is lost (works in silent mode too)

It’s an ideal app to locate your device if lost or stolen. it's compatible with both iOS and Android.

How do I track a mobile phone using Google Maps?

Most of the GPS tracking apps are synced with Google Maps. If you've got got such an app on your phone and it gets stolen, you'll track its location easily from Google Maps. To do so, you'd like to:

  1. Login to your Google account on a PC or another phone.
  2. Open Google maps thereon device through your Google account.
  3. Go to the menu, then select “Your Timeline.”
  4. Type within the date that you simply would love to trace your device, and you may see its location on the screen.
Bottom line

As we saw, there is a type of free GPS tracking devices for cell phones. of those apps facilitate your track GPS location of the target device.

In any case, if you're wondering what is the simplest GPS trackers to position on a telephone, then we hope that our list has answered your question.

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