An Easy Step-wise Guide to Set Parental Controls on Your Child’s Phone

Modern parenting is difficult. Today's kids can all use cell phones. Smart devices are so common that parents ignore online threats for children.

Smartphones help kids research the universe. Unsupervised mobile device use can expose your kids to cyber risks. Using a parental control app is the best approach to limit kids' screen time.

We'll show you how to set parental controls on your child's device.

Let's begin.

The Importance of Parental Controls:

Parental controls let parents limit their kids' online time. Online risks such as cyberbullying, predation, molestation, data breaches, and virus attacks are increasing.

Parents who know about this threat utilize parental controls to monitor their kids' mobile activity. Parental controls enable parents manage screen time, downloaded apps, and browser history.

Parental control software is today's best way to limit kids' screen time.

Before we cover how to install a parental control app on your child's phone, let's look at other possibilities.

How to Set Parental Controls without Installing an App?

Advances in technology have resulted in ever-more-advanced smart gadgets. These days, parents can limit their children's gadget use efficiently thanks to the built-in parental control capabilities available on most smartphones.

If parents want to limit their children's digital media consumption without downloading an app, they have a few choices:

* First, make sure your Android device is set up with a restricted profile.

* Two-Regulate Who Can Access The Google Play Store

Let's check out how to activate those parental settings.

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How to Create a Restricted Profile on Android Devices? Follow These Steps:

It is necessary to have a Google account in order to use an Android device. Additionally, Android devices support numerous user profiles, a feature made possible by Google.

Parents can build a child-friendly profile and block all age-inappropriate information from their child's device. Parents may protect their children from online predators with the aid of restricted profiles, which also make the internet a safer place for preteens and teens.

To make your Google profile more secure, perform these steps:

* Navigate to your child's phone's settings menu. * Select "Users" from the drop-down menu.
* There will be a button labeled "Add User or Profile," which you should select.
* You should change to a restricted profile.
* Create a password or PIN for this account now. Those who know the password can alter the protected profile's parameters. After that, give the profile a name and press OK. 

* By making a private profile, you can see what programs are on your kid's phone and decide whether to allow them to use them or not. Select the apps you want your child to have access to and toggle the radio button on or off.
* You should now close the settings menu and secure your device. When prompted, enter the PIN or password you set up for your child's Google account to bring up their profile. After signing in, the device's app drawer will only display apps that have been approved.

Easy Steps to Set Parental Controls on Google Play Store:

Google provides built-in parental control options for the Play Store, allowing parents to place restrictions on their children's access to inappropriate content.

The Google Play store has apps from every category imaginable. You may be concerned about your child's exposure to inappropriate content when downloading apps. The Google Play Store includes far too many paid apps that your child can easily buy without you knowing about it.

Methods for enabling Google Play Store's parental controls are outlined below:

* Start up the Google Play Store on the gadget you want to use. Then, select Preferences. You can do that by selecting the three-lined icon in the upper-left corner of the display.
* Explore the menus until you reach the "User Controls" section. Select "Parental Controls" from the menu.
* Turn on the safety settings for kids. * When you turn on parental controls, Google will prompt you to create and confirm a 4-digit PIN to keep unauthorized users from changing your settings. * Enter the PIN and hit OK to confirm. Launch a game or app right now.
* The app ratings are separated into categories based on age ranges. You may tell Google to ignore search results for apps and games that aren't appropriate for your child's age range by setting an age restriction. Despite Android's many built-in features, there are few alternatives for parents to implement safety settings. Filling empty space is as simple as downloading a parental control program.

Let's break down the steps required to install a parental control app on your kid's mobile device.

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Parental Control App – 3 Easy Steps to Install Parental Monitoring Software:

Installing and using parental control software is much easier than it sounds. Simply install a reputable parental control app, and you'll be set.

Here, we'll walk you through the steps required to set up Copy9 so you can get a feel for how it operates.

1- Purchase the License:

Taking the first step is simple. To access the official site, go to Copy9 license subscriptions can be purchased online. Subscribe at the level that best suits your needs; there are several pricing tiers to choose from.

2- Install Copy9:

Copy9 software provider will send you an email with a download link, activation key, and dashboard login details as soon as you've paid for a license.

how to download copy9

Launch the browser on the device you wish to install the program on, and then access the download link.

3- Open Dashboard & Start Monitoring:

The difficult part is over once you get Copy9 installed on your child's phone. Now, launch Copy9 control panel on your preferred web browser. Access the admin panel with your username and password.

You can keep tabs on your kid's online behavior from a central dashboard in your browser. In addition to restricting access to potentially dangerous content, parental controls let you to set time limits on screen use and even set up virtual boundaries around specific areas.

What method do you recommend for monitoring and limiting your child's time spent on the internet?

The Final Words:

Cell phone use is now widespread, but parents must take precautions to limit their kids' access to smartphones and tablets. It is crucial to monitor children's use of digital technology due to the prevalence of internet predators targeting young people. When they want to keep their children safe online, parents install parental control programs.

Get on your horse, parents, and make the internet a safer place for your kids by imposing order on their devices.

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What is the best way to ensure that children's phones are always off when they go to bed?
Get a trustworthy parental control program that can be used remotely to disable your children's mobile devices at bedtime or any other time. The first step is to install Copy9, a parental monitoring program, on your child's mobile device. The phone can then be locked remotely, or the power can be immediately removed.

How can I restrict what my kids can do on their phones?

Using a parental control app on your child's phone is the most effective and convenient method of controlling their phone remotely. Limit your teen's or preteen's time in front of the screen and enforce rules. Apps designed specifically for parents allow you to keep tabs on where your kids are and what they're doing online. Copy9 call recording and listening capabilities make it the most comprehensive spy app available.

Can I remotely check up on my child's phone activity?
In order to do more than just keep a watch on your kids' smartphone activity, you should install a parental control software. A parent's ability to monitor and restrict their child's use of social media and the internet can help shield them from the dangers of cyberbullying and sexual predators.

Can I trust a free software to keep my kids in check?
There are a variety of cost-free options for keeping an eye on your children's mobile device use. Sadly, they only come with rudimentary features, and most apps that provide a free pass on a child's phone have been gathering your data. If you don't care about keeping your financial or personal details secure, then by all means.

My kid has a cell phone, but how do I see what they're doing with it?
Use the Copy9 parental control app to keep tabs on your child's or teen's smartphone activity. You can easily keep tabs on your child's phone by installing Copy9 on it and then accessing your parent account from any Internet-connected device, wherever in the world.

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