5 Best Baby Monitor Apps for IPhone and Android in 2018

baby monitor app is nowadays something most parents use. In essence, it will turn your smartphone into an actual baby monitor.

With it, you will be able to monitor your baby, to listen when she is crying or when she has woken up. There are a lot of apps of this kind, but we will review 5 of them which are simply the best.

5 Best Baby Monitor Apps for IPhone and Android

1. Dormi - Baby Monitor


This is simply the best baby monitor app you can download and use today. The main reason for that is the features it has to offer.

Let’s just start with audio and video streaming which is mandatory. Then, it will automatically adjust the microphone sensitivity in order to provide the best results.

Even better, it works on EDGE or 3G networks, which is important for users who don’t have coverage of super-fast internet.

We liked the fact you can talk to your baby as well, using the phone. In general, this app replaces most baby monitors available on the market today.

Furthermore, the app comes with sensitive notification, meaning that they will alert you even when a baby awakens. Soft beep and vibrations are incorporated as well.

One difference compared to actual baby monitors is that there won’t be interference of any sort.


  • No interferences​​​​
  • Works on slow connections
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Video and audio monitoring


  • Obsolete user interface
  • Complicated to use

2. WiFi Baby Monitor: Free & Lite


Here we have a baby monitor app Android version which is outstanding as well. It comes with all the features a parent may need. 

As such, you can control LED of the phone, you will see the battery level at all times and you will be able to track audio and video.

We especially liked the fact you can also monitor for temperature and humidity, but only if your smartphone supports this feature. Most, new devices will. In order to operate you will need Android 2.2 or later.

The app will work on all Android phones, as you know by now, but there is also a computer version which makes it even more useful.

In addition, the level of encryption the app has is superb. In a nutshell, the app has everything you will ever need.


  • Easy to use​​​​
  • Control LED of the phone
  • Shows battery level
  • Supports temperature info


  • Old app​​​​
  • A lot of ads

3. Baby Monitor


Baby monitor free app we have here is a decent choice as well. First and foremost, it will offer great surveillance features to all parents, but it ads something new compared to other apps we have mentioned here.

This refers to the dairy where a parent can keep track of sleeping hours and a lot more data regarding the sleeping time of his baby.

There are also useful tips on how to help baby sleep longer and better, something we appreciated a lot.

Ann interesting capability is text or calls notifications when a baby wakes up. You can choose them accordingly and using the app is generally simple.

There won’t be any issues with it, even if you are an average user. You can actually see that the app has been developed by actual parents, therefore the list of additional features is decent.


  • Nice UI
  • Text or call notifications
  • Sensitive mic
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of advanced features
  • Streaming only

4. AtHome Camera - Home security video surveillance


The app here is one of iPhone baby monitor apps which truly stands out of the crowd. It is available for both devices, iOS, and Android ones. 

Keep in mind that you will need IP cameras to monitor your baby and all around your home if you prefer, due to the fact the app supports 4 cameras.

It also has the latest learning technology, so it will alert you only when it is actually needed. The app will record for 24 hours if you want, but the entire video will be presented in a few minutes.

Definitely a useful feature. Additional features include HD resolution and the ability to move cameras and control them via your smartphone.


  • Sophisticated app
  • Video loop
  • Control cameras
  • Modern UI


  • Require IP cameras
  • Too many features for some users

5. Alfred Home Security Camera


This is one of the most popular apps of this kind. It is actually used by 8 million families. What’s to like here is 360 camera rotation, simple notifications and a full set of sub-features.

For example, you can zoom the video to seeing the smallest details. With the app, you get Cloud storage where your videos can be stored. In essence, the app has it all.

We liked this app due to the fact it is simple and comes with essential features.

However, it doesn’t have all the features some of the apps mentioned above offer. It is developed for monitoring babies, pets and etc.


  • Cloud storage
  • Zooming feature
  • Easy to use
  • 360-degree rotation


  • Lack of advanced options
  • Loading time


All of these apps are great to monitor your baby. You can do it at any given moment, due to the fact you will turn your smartphone into an actual baby monitoring device. Technology is useful, after all.

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