4 Best Parental Control Software in 2018 – Free Download

According to public high school teacher’s survey, 9-12 grade students are complete three and a half hours of assignments each night. This is highly determined by whether the students hit the books each evening or not.

As a parent, you can help improve this by restricting app usage and internet a few hours after school every other day, hence eliminating any distractions during their study time. Free Parental software will allow you to block any distraction form apps and internet and get them to focus on their school work in minutes.

When you are a parent in a world where technology is the most powerful tool in the world, you need means to keep tabs on your kids and check what your children are doing with their smartphones. These parental software will allow you to see what they can access online and filter the inappropriate content and cyber bullying. 

1. Free Trial Parental Control Apps - The Copy9 App


The internet is widely used to see as well as share videos and photos across the globe with million users. In this tech world there are so many apps that your kids will access and be exposed to the wrong platforms.

The internet these days has no age limit, but this parental software will allow parents to access their kid’s phone, and follow up on some of the things their kids could be exposed to including cyber bulling which has taken the world by storm. 

How Can Copy9 Help You?

Copy9 Spy app that will allow you to freely enter into your kid’s accounts and check out their photos, videos, comments, and messages. This app will enable you to instantly enter their account without your kids knowing you are spying on them.

How to use It?

This app works smoothly which makes it stand out more than other similar parental software apps in the market. It is also doesn’t have unnecessarily complicated downloads which makes it a straightforward app to use for most parents. It downloads real fast and then all you have to do is install it on your children’s phone.

This app is perfect for parents who want to know what their kids are up to on Facebook, Twiter Instagram, and other social media apps. The good news is that you don’t even need to have computer skills because is as comfortable as clicking a few buttons.

Get Free Trial Copy9

This parental software also has as a free trial version that will allow you to test and see if you like it, this means that you can try it out without losing anything. The app has quality features like easy to use interface. This app will also allow you to avoid potential problems in some of your relationships.

2. Parental control software - Kaspersky Safe Kids


This parental cantrol software will give you a very affordable, well-rounded monitoring and parental control over your kids. This app is excellent because it won’t limit the number of kid devices and profiles you can cover. This means that if you have multiple kids, this app could be the perfect choice for you.

This software also offers you flexible control over the device usage time. It has a content filter that will enable you to block bad sites or if preferable, just warn. It has gofencing that’s meant for mobile devices.

It goes a step further because it has an extensive alert systems that keeps you notified of any unusual business of your kid’s phone. Using this app you can time-limit or block apps. The only downside is that the text and call monitoring can only be done on Android devices.

3. Parental monitoring software - ContentWatch Net Nanny 7

This parental software is perfect for the multi-device universe because it has a configuration and has reports that move the web. It also has a very effect content filter that makes sure you will be on top of everything your kid does on his or her mobile device.

This software is perfect because it supports Mac, Windows, and Android. It also has a cross-device internet time allowance and gives you email alerts when there is unusual business on the kid’s device. However, it is not compatible with iOS which is a downside. However, if you are looking to track and also protect your kids on multiple devices, this is the best option.

4. Best parental control software - Symantec Norton Family Premier


Norton family is popular for its top notch web interface as well as its wealth of useful features. This parental software makes it easy for you to protect and track your kid’s activities across multiple devices besides Mac.

 This software is inexpensive and has an excellent web dashboard. It will not limit you when it comes to the number of children or devices in your house. It also has a flexible content filter and can be able to track the mobile device which is a bonus.

However, this software doesn’t block HTTPS sites on browsers that are unsupported which is a major downside. 


These free parental software will offer all parents an awesome range of monitoring and parental control for the hyper-connected kids. They all have features that will enable to track their devices and keep track of their whereabouts and protect them from cyber bullying. These software will also make your kids focus on their homework because you will be able to limit what they can and cannot do. 

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