Best SnapSpy alternative you should try

Is SnapSpy the only tool to hack Snapchat? Don't have any SnapSpy alternative to hack Snapchat? Well, in this article, we will find answers to these questions and help you.

SnapSpy is a popular hacking tool for Snapchat

Snapchat could be a well-known social network with a lot of innovative features. In fact, Snapchat's popularity is growing at a major rate because of various reasons.

With over 158 million daily active users, Snapchat has the potential to soon become a social media giant. This huge network of Snapchat users is formed from both good and bad individuals.

Snapchat is particularly popular among children. Many kids will be enthusiastic about Snapchat software and waste their precious time instead studying.

More importantly, bad actors can communicate with kids through Snapchat and cause a range of problems. Sharing personal photos and other sensitive information with strangers can cause serious problems that can't be recovered.

 During this case, parents must keep a watch on their children's Snapchat activities. This can be exactly when tools like SnapSpy get play. Plus, SnapSpy comes in handy for tracking your partner's Snapchat activities.

Essentially, SnapSpy may be a monitoring tool which will track the Snapchat activity of anyone important to you.

Is SnapSpy the only hacking tool?

Obviously, SnapSpy isn't the sole monitoring or hacking tool you'll use. There are many monitoring and hacking tools out there that employ different principles.

A number of those hacking tools are web-based, et al. work as software-based tools. Therefore the truth is, there are many alternatives to SnapSpy. 

However, not all of these tools are able to function as they claim. a number of those tools can even contain malware and expose your privacy to a range of threats. Therefore, it's especially important to seek out reliable monitoring software.

Why do you need a SnapSpy alternative?

Obviously, SnapSpy isn't the sole monitoring or hacking tool you'll use. There are many monitoring and hacking tools out there that employ different principles.

However, not all of these tools are able to function as they claim. a number of those tools can even contain malware and expose your privacy to a range of threats. Therefore, it's especially important to seek out reliable monitoring software.

What is the best SnapSpy alternative you can use?

It's true that SnapSpy may be a really impressive hacking tool. This respective tool is specially developed to hack your favorite Snapchat account (How to hack Facebook account).

However, Snapchat related issues may be quite difficult to repair. During this case, you will have to use a reliable SnapSpy alternative. The most effective alternative we will recommend is Copy9. Actually, Copy9 comes with more features and better reliability.

Copy9 monitoring is finished through a web-based console. Additionally, the functionality of this respective tool is more user-friendly. More importantly, Copy9 allows you to trace the target device in stealth mode.

Which means the owner of the target device won't be ready to notice that you simply are spying. For instance, Copy9 can hack Gmail accounts, track call history, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, SMS, browsing history and other activities. 

To start out monitoring, all you have got to try to do is download and install the software on the target device. Once installed, you'll be able to easily monitor your device's activities through an internet browser.

Also, this respective software comes with an inexpensive package that will not hurt your pocket. Compared to other hacking tools you discover on the net, Copy9 has many impressive features.

What Makes Copy9 the Best SnapSpy alternative?

Monitoring Snapchat

Copy9 is capable of monitoring the Snapchat account after installing the app on the target device. This powerful app can hack someone's Kik, get someone's snapchat password, and track incoming and outgoing messages. 


All you would like is to tap on the choice called Snapchat located below the social apps.

Track location

Copy9 is powerful enough and complicated enough to trace the real-time location of the target device. More importantly, Copy9 can allow you to track it with one click

This can be a very impressive tool for keeping track of a target's whereabouts. If you wish to observe your child all the time, this can be a really handy feature.

Track the target's text messages

If you believe that your spouse or child is doing something confusing, you'll be able to use Copy9. With this tool, you'll be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages on the target device. 

It is a surefire thanks to gather evidence against the dishonest behavior of these closest to you. Additionally, this is often a good preventive action against potential dangers online for your child may encounter.

Call log monitoring

Another impressive feature associated with Copy9 is that it allows you to stay track of the decision log of the target device. Copy9 will display details of all incoming and outgoing calls related to the target device. 

Call duration, duration, date and number also will be tracked using this tool.

Track your browsing history

Browser history tracking is another powerful feature related to this tool. With the assistance of this feature, you'll easily keep track of the websites the target has visited along with your phone. If your child is on porn or other harmful content, this feature will really help.

How to use Copy9 as a SnapSpy alternative?

Now, during this part of the post, you'll be able to see a way to use Copy9 and hack Snapchat.

01. As a primary step, you ought to visit their official website, Copy9. Then you ought to click “Register” to make an account. you'll create an account free. You may now be ready to enter the suitable Email ID and password within the respective fields. 


You must then accept the tool's terms and conditions and use "Sign Up" to complete the method. Enter the owner's name and choose the OS of the target device. for instance, you must choose iOS or Android respectively.

02. The Copy9 account configuration must be done according to the target device's operating system. Here's how to configure the account for Android and iOS devices.

For Android

Download the Copy9 app and install it on the target device.

Once the installation is complete, you should open the app and provide corresponding login information. After entering details, the app will start tracking the device.

For iOS

For iOS devices, you do not need to download the app on the target device to observe. Instead, you must know the credentials of the Apple account of the target device. Then you must enter iCloud ID and password.

Enter the owner's name and choose the software of the target device. As an example, you must choose iOS or Android respectively.

03. Now, you'll track the target phone because you've finished the configuration part. you'll be able to monitor the activities of the target phone through any application no matter your location.


You'll use any computer or other device to access Copy9 web clients. After logging into your snapchat account, you'll be able to see lots of options. you'll click on the choice named “Snapchat'' to trace all activities associated with it.

Copy9 is like another SnapSpy alternative

Copy9 is additionally a posh piece of software with plenty of features to impress you. a bit like Copy9 , Copy9 is additionally designed by us to be compatible with iOS and Android devices

The interface of this software is friendly even to novice users. It doesn't affect the security of your personal information like other random apps found online.

Here is a list of the features of Copy9

  • It works perfectly with Android and iOS devices
  • The program of this software is absolutely impressive
  • This software can monitor all activities associated with the target Snapchat account
  • Copy9 can track other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Line, Viber, etc.
  • It can track the incoming and outgoing calls made through the target device.

Well, those are the best SnapSpy alternatives we have to recommend. You can review the details carefully and choose the most appropriate option that serves your purpose.

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