7 Best Hidden Spy Camera Wireless in 2018 – Hidden Camera App

Spy cameras for home are not some gadgets that you only see in films. Today you can easily install spy camera wireless in your home and use it in your everyday life.

People are using cameras from different reasons. Some people want to protect their children and monitor their babysitters activities.

Others are worried for the safety of their home and want to protect against thieves and burglars. With the help of a hidden camera app in your home you are giving yourself a peace of mind.

That way you can quickly react in case something goes terribly wrong. The best hidden cameras and spy cameras for home also have motion sensors so you will be immediately notified if there is some unexpected movement.

Part 1: Best Wireless Spy Cameras

Getting the best spy camera requires getting one integrated unit that will combine the wireless transmitter and the camera into one device.

They often come as toys or clocks. That way the camera has a hidden camera app or spy camera app inside, so you can easily spy what is going on in your home. Read on to learn about the best hidden cameras that you can get for your home

1. The Mini U8 USB Disk Hidden Camera

The Mini U8 USB Disk Hidden Camera with Motion Detection is a hidden camera app that looks exactly like regular USB.


This can be used in your office for spying on your colleagues’ suspicious behavior and one of the best things is that this spy camera wireless costs just ten dollars.

It records good videos, and the battery operates for one hour. It can support up to 32 gigabytes of memory and you can make videos of 720×480 AVI quality.

2. The Conbrov Wf81 Mini Portable Wireless IP covert Security Camera.

Another best spy camera for 2018 for a cheap price is the Conbrov Wf81 Mini Portable Wireless IP covert Security Camera.


It costs only twenty dollars and this is one of the smallest spy cameras for home. It weighs less than twenty grams so it can be hidden anywhere.

This spy camera wireless has a flexible base, a battery backup for thirty minutes, it is compatible with Android and iOS, it has slot for 32GB of memory and it can record at 30fps videos of 640x480.



If you are looking for something even better then you should know that PHYLINK PLC-128PW 720p HD Covert IP Camera is one of the best hidden cameras you can find on the market.

It costs about 160 dollars; it has very tiny size and many powerful features.

With this spy camera app you can record 720p HD videos, it is compatible with wireless connection, the memory card slot supports up to 128 gigabytes of memory, and this camera is also compatible both with Windows and Mac.

You also get movement detectors and email alerts with this hidden camera app.

Part 2: Best Spy Camera Apps

The best hidden cameras and spy cameras for home are great, but in order to use them and get the most out of them you need help from a quality spy camera app.

These apps can make your smartphone invisible, so you can easily spy on your kids without being ever detected.

1. Copy9

If you are looking for a quality spy camera app then look no further than Copy9. Copy9 is the best hidden camera app that you can combine with some spy camera wireless and easily spy on your kids or employees.


This software is compatible with all operating systems out there and is completely undetectable spy camera app.

If you combine Copy9 with the best hidden cameras or with some of the spy cameras for home, you will be getting a very powerful spy tool.

Besides that, Copy9 has dozens of great features designed for you to take advantage of. With Copy9 you can get access to all data in the targeted phone, and all you have to do is open your personal account at the official website.

This is the best software for spying designed to work well with best hidden cameras.

With Copy9 you can:

  • Check out online browsing history
  • Check call logs
  • View sent and received text messages
  • Access address book and calendar
  • Record phone calls
  • Monitor photos and videos and also track the location of the person with the GPS tracking feature

Great thing is that everything is done remotely, so you should definitely try this top spying software and see all the benefits it brings.

Part 3: Best Hidden Spy Cameras

Spy cameras for home are usually placed in ordinary home objects and well hidden from people's sight.

With the best spy camera you can catch any activity in your home in office, but best hidden cameras can be used anywhere you like. Some other top spy camera wireless for 2018 is the following.

1. The Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera


The Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera is considered top spy camera wireless, especially if you are often on the move.

This camera functions as regular pen, but it has a hidden camera app installed inside. When you click the tip of the pen it will start to record videos and when you click again it stops.

With this best spy camera you get eight gigabytes of memory for free and this is ideal spy camera wireless to use on your office or at your meetings.

2. The Jumbl Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock


Next in the line of best hidden cameras is the Jumbl Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock. This clock comes with a very affordable price of sixty dollars and it is one of the most effective spy cameras for home.

It features infrared night vision, so it can make great videos taken in areas without much light. It also starts record as soon as it detects motion.

3. The Stoga Tcam ST-009 Wireless Mini IP Camera


The list of best hidden cameras is completed with the Stoga Tcam ST-009 Wireless Mini IP Camera. This is one of those spy cameras for home intended to record at night.

It has infrared vision and it is Wi-Fi compatible spy camera app. Another great thing is that the battery backup of this spy camera wireless is almost two hours, which is more than any other camera out there.


Now you have good idea about the best hidden cameras that you can buy on the market. There are many great spy cameras for home, but important thing is to combine the camera with some effective and powerful spy camera app like Copy9.

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