How to Hack into Someones IPhone: The Definitive Guide 2018

iPhone has some of the best safety features and protocols among all smartphones used today. However, it isn’t immune to hacking. Surprisingly, some ways to hack an iPhone are really simple and even an average user can perform them.

Here we will discuss two ways you can hack into iPhone. Be free to use them if you want to protect your kids or if you want to see what your employees do during working hours.

1. How to hack into an iPhone?

If you want to know how to hack into an iPhone using the simplest method of them all, you will have to use Copy9.


This is an app, which is developed specifically for reasons we have mentioned earlier. It works on iPhones and Android phones, and the process is basically the same.

Keep in mind that this app doesn’t require access to the targeted device nor it can be detected by a user. As a matter of fact, it can even be remotely removed.

So, how Copy9 actually works?

Hacking an iPhone with the app is more than just simple.

  • All you have to do is to install it on the targeted device, a device you want to hack in and you are done. 
  • All other tasks and processes are performed via the control panel which can be accessed via any internet capable device. Of course, in order to log in, you will have to use your unique login information.

Once installed on the targeted device, the app will allow you a complete control:

  • It means that you will be able to read the messages, even those sent and received via instant messaging apps and conventional SMS messages.
  • Calls are also at your disposal. You can see the caller ID, duration, time and date of a call and even record the new calls.
  • As a matter of fact, you can also activate the microphone and listen to the conversation.

All of that is possible due to the fact the app will be installed on the operating system itself, so it becomes part of iOS.

This isn’t all you can get with Copy9. You know how to hack someone’s iPhone for messages and calls, but you also get plenty of additional features at your disposal. 

  • One of them is GPS positioning

In essence, the app will use GPS module built-in the smartphone to locate the device with an impressive accuracy. This is more than just useful when you want to know where the targeted device and its owner are at that particular moment

  • SIM change notifications are added as well

It means that when a user changes the SIM card, you will be notified.

  • Additional features also include internet access control.

Basically, you can limit it or block it completely. The same works with the apps. You can block any app which is installed on the targeted device. In addition, you can remove it as well.

  • Taking a screenshot at any given moment

Getting access to media files and calendar are also features. In simple words, with Copy9 you get a full control over the targeted device. You can delete files, control apps, internet, messages and etc. It is like having the targeted device into your hand at all times.

The Copy9 comes with a free trial period

So, you will have time to test all of the features and to determine how it’s actually working. After that, you can choose some of the premium options offered.

2. Hack iPhone passcode to Access Photos and Messages

iPhone uses passcode as the first line of defense against users who want to hack your device. However, one issue has been detected which allows us to hack it. It works on all iOS versions starting iOS 8 and later.

You will basically use Siri for hacking iPhone. The method is very simple and all you have to do is to follow the steps explained below:

  • Step 1: Acquire the phone number of a targeted device and make a call. FaceTime call will work as well.​​​​
  • Step 2: On the screen you will see a message icon, so click on it and go to the new message.
  • Step 3: Press the home button (long press) and say "Turn on VoiceOver". Siri will activate it immediately.
  • Step 4: Go back to a new message we have opened earlier. Click on the bar where you must enter the recipient number and at the same time click on the keyboard. This is a bit tricky the first time you do so repeat the step until you manage to complete it.
  • Step 5: Use Siri again but now to "Turn off VoiceOver".
  • Step 6: Click one letter on the message bar and on I button. Use it to create a new contact.
  • Step 7: Click to add a photo and you will enter the gallery. Here you can watch all the photos which are stored on the iPhone.
  • Step 8: Additionally, you can select a contact and you will see conversation list with that particular contact.

This is how you hack iPhone passcode easily and within minutes. Keep in mind that once you have exit, you will have to repeat the process again and again. However, this isn’t the answer to the how to hack an iPhone remotely question but it is still useful.

An average user will need 3 minutes to complete all 8 steps, but you are free to take more time if needed. Of course, the more you try, the easier it gets.


Here you were able to see two methods to hack into iPhone. The first one, using Copy9 is the absolute beginner, due to the fact it allows you to hack every single device and to get a complete insight into what is happening with it.

You can also read messages, listen to the calls and watch media. The second method allows you to browse the pictures in the gallery of the targeted device, but it is the simple way you can use for fun or something more.

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