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Are you thinking of hacking a Facebook account of your kids or other loved ones but do not know a way to perform this busy task? If so, you have got to the proper page.

Here, you may know the way you'll follow Facebook messages with the assistance of a number of the most effective Facebook spy apps available on the market.

No matter what the explanation behind the spying process, these apps are going to be really useful for any situation. Please continue immediately!

Part 1: Reasons for hacking a Facebook account messages

In today's world, Facebook has become the foremost admired social media app by adults and youngsters. It's one amongst those apps you'll definitely find on your child's phone.

Keeping track of the Facebook account activities of your loved ones is important to saving them from the perils of the cyber world.


As you recognize, social media apps aren't completely safe for youngsters thanks to cyber threats. you will have heard of the Balaenoptera musculus challenge and therefore the Momo challenge on the social networking apps, which took the lives of some people.

So to avoid wasting your kids from these crimes, you would like to stay an eye fixed on their Facebook account. With these Facebook spy apps, you'll even flick thru photos, videos and audio files.

These apps facilitate your understanding of how much time your kids spend on Facebook, which may affect their learning.

Why do you need applications like Copy9?

As mentioned earlier, Copy9  is one amongst the nice Facebook spy apps utilized by many of us everywhere the globe for several different reasons. It helps you track activities on the target device without letting the target user comprehend this app.


It provides accurate data and knowledge regarding the monitored device. a number of the common reasons behind the employment of Facebook spy application are as follows:


It is often used by parents as a parental control app. It allows parents to control their children's smartphones. The best part is it keeps kids safe and safe.


It is also utilized by partners to determine who is cheating on whom. Then, if the spouse suspects the opposite, then the spy application is the best thanks to studying reality.

If you do not find anything, there's nothing to be ashamed of because the other person will never speak about this incident.


It is utilized by employers to trace the activities of their employers on the phone. It ensures that employees are sharing confidential data outside the corporate. And It enables you to comprehend what the opposite person is doing during office hours.

Benefits of Facebook spy application

  • Track SMS, call log and GPS location in real time
  • Lets you realize the target person's whereabouts
  • Allows you to look at the applications installed on the device
  • Helps you to look at the browsing history of the monitored device
  • Works in stealth mode
  • Helps you discover target device with exact location if lost

Part 2: How to perform the task Facebook spy

So to spy on Facebook, you have to follow some basic steps as listed below.

  • 1: Download any Facebook spy apps like Copy9 on your smartphone.
  • 2: Launch the program and register yourself using details like email ID.
  • 3: Then you have got to enter details of the target user.
  • 4: Now, log into the Facebook spy app to trace the activities of the surveillance device.

Special Features of Facebook Spy App

There are some features of those spy apps that you just will know shortly. you'll be able to follow the Facebook chats and messages from your child's Facebook account. These spyware displays every message sent and received on the target device.

In addition to all these great features, these apps also offer other features, including the following:

1. SMS Spy: It tracks the SMS on the target device together with time and date details. It helps you recognize who your kids or other loved ones sit down with.

2. GPS Tracker: It allows you to trace the real time location of the target device. It provides a precise location on the map in order that you will not have trouble locating.

3. Call & voice recording: It records each appeal target device without cutting voice. It even tracks video calls by social media apps. With the voice recording feature, you may hear the background signal when the opposite person is on a call.

4. Call log spy: It provides detailed information about calls received or revamped the phone. It provides all information regarding missed call, incoming call or outgoing call.

5. Chat monitoring: It provides you with detailed information about the social messaging apps. Through it, you retain track of the chats that have happened through the monitored device.

Part 3: Best Facebook spy Applications

To track your kid's Facebook account, you'll use a number of the good Facebook spy apps listed below. All of those apps are specifically designed to trace every Facebook account activity. The list of the most effective Facebook spy apps is as follows:

1. Copy9

Just as we recommend above, it's an excellent Facebook spy application that tracks all activities on Facebook effectively. Copy9 works remotely within the background with none knowledge by the target user. 

After collecting all the data, it sends the identical to the account. It even monitors application usage and other activities associated with the web. Get more detailed spec from The Copy9 Review.


  • Advantages:
  • Good price
  • Provide 24 * 7 support
  • Easy to install
  • Works on any device


  • Reports are slow with details

2. mSpy

With mSpy, you'll follow Facebook chats pretty easily. This Facebook Spy app works remotely on the target device without letting the user fathom anything. It will be used easily with non technical skills thanks to its friendly interface.


  • Works on both Windows and Android devices
  • 24 * 7 multi-language support
  • Comes with a refund challenge
  • Facebook Spy is user-friendly
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows OS


  • Uncompleted supervision

3. Highster Mobile

This Facebook spy app is an additionally accustomed facebook account hack. It even recovers deleted Facebook chats. It supports almost any smartphone to trace each activity of the target device. And it works remotely without the user knowing anything about the application.


  • Pretty quick
  • 30-day money-back challenge
  • No phone ownership required
  • Works on almost any smartphone


  • Not all data is monitored

4. FreeSpyApps

This Facebook spy application is best for tracking children's activities on smartphones. This can be a fairly effective application that offers you all the relevant data on the monitored device. 

This Facebook spy app comes with a dashboard that gives different features for tracking downloaded information. It works in stealth mode and records everything like text messages (top text message blocker), calls, Facebook messages, etc.


  • Provide 24 * 7 support
  • Facebook Spy is user-friendly
  • Offers a wide range of features
  • Provides real-time notifications
  • Defect:
  • Lack of usability

5. Flexispy

This Facebook spy is another best app for tracking Facebook activity. It monitors all mobile activities together with timing and detailed data. It's specially designed to follow Facebook chats, audio messages, photos, profile photos, and more.


  • Refund challenge
  • Provide installation service
  • Keep track of digital and audio communications
  • Provide 24 * 7 support


  • No geo-fence feature

6. iSpyoo

This Facebook spy app allows you to trace real-time Facebook activities like group chats and texting. After iSpyoo is installed on any device, it'll add stealth mode. It even has the power to watch calls and messages.


  • Works on almost all smartphones
  • Support multiple devices at the same time
  • Easy to install
  • Record your surroundings


  • Application is not stable
  • Poor compatibility

In Conclude

So what else does one want to grasp a couple of Facebook spy apps! Now, you have got a transparent idea of what exactly a spy application actually does. With that, you recognize how parental control apps work.


you'll be able to track the activities of your children, spouse or staff to work out what they're up to.

These spy apps are very easy and easy to use with non technical knowledge. So if you would like to shield your kids from ongoing cybercriminals, it is best to use one in every of the spyware apps listed above. However, you ought to use the simplest apps like Copy9

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