How can I track the cell phones without installing spyware on the target phone?

If you do not have physical access to the target phone that you want to monitor, please click on the article Easy how to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

Are you trying to Spy on a mobile phone without installing software on your Device? If it were a few decades ago, no one would have had this kind of demand because at that time we didn't have the smart Android phone we have today.


Even the internet was not even discovered and used widely around the world. Nowadays, people have advanced technology and have all kinds of technology gadgets and smart mobile phones.

How To Track Someone's Android Phone Without Even Touching The Phone

In the old days, we didn't have the internet or smartphones. Now, we can use this service as a matter of fact. And the need to spy on the phone also becomes inevitable, if you feel lonely, do not worry that many readers have come to the article to know how to track phone devices without being detected.

Next we will introduce you to the methods that we have tested and carefully selected.

How To Install It To Someone's Phone 

Currently billions of people use Android mobile phones. These spy gadgets are also quite affordable and suitable for your budget. We can do so much with our smartphones and it continues to get better every day.


The digital age has also seen an explosion of social media and instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Hangouts and many more popular applications. Although we know that these innovations have made our lives more convenient and closer together, one important question to ask is what obstacles have they all brought into relationships. Us and married life. There are many couples getting divorced because their spouse is texting the opposite sex intimately with the opposite sex through social networking apps.

Spy Mobile Phone Doesn't Need To Access To Android Phone

So, once you notice your spouse is 24-hour security for his or her phone or likes to chat with more than one person on text, it's time to dig for more clues. The key to finding more clues is to look at your spouse's body language response.

Watch for behavior changes that he or she hasn't shown very often in the past. When people start cheating on their partner, it's often difficult to pinpoint their whereabouts. They often have many disguised reasons for coming home late from work.

How To Install An App Remotely On Someone's Phone

 You can watch them make secret calls or speak in a sweet voice. Also, when you try to contact them, they often answer that they are busy or may not return your call within a few hours. All of these and more are signs that you need to pay attention to.

You can track on cell phone without access to phone

The signs you have seen by physical expression of your spouse and still do not have enough evidence they are cheating. There is no concrete evidence to expose them, all you have seen or noticed is doubtful. It's hard to love someone you don't trust. And what is a marriage without love and trust?

For anyone who wants to track their spouse's cell phone, the mobile spy apps are the solution you should try. These applications have many advanced espionage features and they are compatible with Android devices. We also have some spy apps designed specifically for Android phones.

How to spy on someone without touching their phone

Nowadays, electrical cockroaches on mobile phones that do not require installation are all defrauding you or wanting to compromise your personal information when you sign up for that fake service. Because spying on cell phones is always asking for an application or software to be installed on the phone. Since these days the security is very high and you can no longer spy without the application of the target device.

So if you want to track the phone of your kids or that of your spouse, then you have to install a mobile spy app. The problem most people have is the lack of physical access to the target device.

If your device is operating system Android 4 or below then you can check out the instructions below:

Install mobile spy application via email

This requires sending a malicious emailto your spouse's email account to get it hacked. When your Husband clicks open the email, the spy app will be installed on their phone automatically and you will be able to follow them from afar (Android 4 and below).

How do I read someone's text messages without installing software on their phone?

Installing software on a mobile phone requires access to the phone. For Android phones, reading text messages is a little tricky unless you can ask the person to install the app by sending a malicious link they were asked to click on without letting them know of intent. really yours.


How can I track my spouse's cell phone

There is a lot of software that promises uncontrolled access to your spouse's phones and online activities but based on the observations and reviews we've read, very few of them actually effective value for you.So we present to you ten of the best mobile spy apps for tracking your spouse's phone

Click here to easily hack partner's phone

How to install spyware on Android remotely

Installing spyware on Android remotely is very simple if you have physical access to the target's device. Then you just need to download the spy app and install it for about 30 seconds and you will be able to track their phone with lots of advanced christmas features.

The best application to consider for remote spying is Copy9


This app is very useful for tracking your children’s cell phones. It boasts of many advanced features and thousands of users attest to the fact that it works quite well on both android powered devices.


  • Call recording
  • Track instant messaging apps
  • Ambient recording
  • Stealth remote camera
  • GPS tracking


  • It runs in the background and it is totally undetectable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Live call recording
  • Keyword alerts


  • The software cannot block websites or phone numbers
  • You cannot remotely erase data from the device

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