How to free a spy phone without phone you are spying on

Many individuals are curious about how to free a spy phone without the phone you are spying on. Are you reading this article because of the same question? If so, let's find out the truth behind it and learn how to do it.

Find a way to free up a spy phone without the phone you spy on

Well, if you're wondering how to free a spy phone without a spy phone, it's very doable. With the appearance of contemporary information technology, a range of espionage applications were born.

We did extensive research on this subject and located out the most effective thanks to do it. During this case, we recommend employing a tool called Copy9 to induce the work done.

Introduction to Copy9 Which Can Free Spy Phones Without the Phone You Spying On

Copy9 could be a great tool that may free phone spy without the phone you spy on. Although there are many other tools of this sort, Copy9 stands out from the remainder for various reasons. 


After configuring the app on the target device, you'll easily track the appliance at your convenience. In fact, this tool is filled with over 28 monitoring features. 

It allows you to observe all actions performed on the target device. thanks to all those features, Copy9 is taken into account to be one of the simplest apps on the market.

Why does Copy9 have an excellent success rate?

Copy9 comes with a great success rate when it comes to remote device monitoring. Here are the reasons why it is possible to free phone spying without spying your phone.

●  It is easy to configure and use

One of the foremost powerful and professional features related to Copy9 is its simple use. Then you'll be able to simply monitor the target device no matter its location and perform Line Hack & Facebook spy with ease.


It works in stealth mode

When Copy9 is installed on the target device, it will be in stealth mode.

●  Packed with many features

This app has a bunch of monitoring features so it can track the target device easily.

●  Real-time monitoring

This special application protects 100% of your data.

It is offered at an affordable price

In addition to its powerful features, this tool is also very affordable.


Copy9 is a reliable alternative and praised by many technology sites.

You can even use the tool's live demo and learn its functionality.

Copy9 is meant to be compatible with both iOS and Android. However, there are some differences when it involves the features and therefore the app installation process.

So you ought to choose the segment that applies to your device to free phone spying without the phone you spy on.

Track iPhone without installing software

Do you want to spy on any iOS device without necessarily having physical access? Well, the reality is it's quite possible. That's especially because all information and files on the iOS device are saved to iCloud.


 If you'll be able to find some way to access the target iCloud account, then that is the way. So if you employ that method, there is no requirement to touch the target device.

Can ICloud be hacked?

The next question is if it's possible to hack iCloud. Well, there are many apps that claim to be able to try this. So finding the foremost suitable option will be difficult. If so, we've done the diligence for you. 

Which means we did the research for you and located the most effective thanks to hack iCloud data. Copy9 for iCloud is the most impressive option you'll use. 

As long as you've got the target device's iCloud credentials, you'll use this tool effectively.

How to configure Copy9 to track an iCloud

Yes, iCloud could be a web-based tool. Therefore, you do not need to jailbreak your device to access your iCloud account. Here are the easy steps for you to follow and track your iCloud account.

01. First, you ought to sign on for a Copy9 account with a sound email address. Then buy a license and choose the software.

02. Now, you ought to provide the target account's iCloud login information. Then, click on the button labeled “Continue” to verify the account. In some accounts, two-factor authentication can be disabled. 

If so, you will find that you just are being redirected to a web-based electrical device. If it's enabled, you may even have to produce a verification code.

03. That's it. you'll be able to now access Copy9 web-based instrument panel. you'll be able to easily track all the activities going down on the respective iOS device.

What else should you learn about Copy9 for iCloud?

Here is another information associated with Copy9 for iCloud.

Unnecessary. If two-factor authentication associated with the device is disabled, you'll be able to easily access Copy9 web-based dashboard. you simply have to provide your device's iCloud credentials.

  • Will the owner of the target iOS device detect Copy9?

Well, this process doesn't have to install any apps on the target device. As a result, the owner of the target device will never know that he or she is being tracked.

  • What can it monitor?

Well, this stool can keep track of anything that's saved on iCloud. For instance, it can track photos, contacts, location, reminders, notes, videos, and the rest.

  • How is it compatible?

Copy9 for iCloud has no compatibility issues. That's because it's a web-based solution. So it works on iOS 9.0 moreover as on the newest iOS version.

  • Does it allow iMessage monitoring?

Are not. As of this writing, the Copy9 doesn't allow iMessage monitoring. However, as we are aware, they're functioning on it.

How to track Android devices in stealth mode?

Are you trying to trace an Android device? If that is the case, you must take an additional step and install an app on the target device.

Android OS privacy concerns make it a touch difficult to stay track of it. So you must have physical access to the target device once to put in the app.

Again, Copy9 is the best option for getting the work done. Installing the app may be a very convenient process. 

spy on cell phone apps

Additionally, this application is lightweight and doesn't cut down the device's performance. whether or not the app is installed on the Android device, the user won't detect it.

However, most other applications on the market require some advanced technical skills. Most of these apps, as an example, require you to root your device. Additionally, the installation process is incredibly complicated.

However, when it involves Copy9, everything is simplified. you do not even have to root the device to put in it.

How to use Copy9 for Android?

Thanks to Copy9 simplified process, the whole process can be completed in minutes. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow for how to free phone spy without spying your phone.

01. First, you ought to create an account on Copy9 with a legitimate email address. Also, take care to buy a license.

02. Now, attend the target Android device once and download Copy9 thereon. To do that, just visit on the identical device. Tap on the downloaded APK and complete the installation.

03. After that, log in to the account you created just before. it'll arouse some permissions after you use it the primary time. Just grant permission and follow the instructions on the screen. That's it. Even a whole beginner can get this job tired but 10 minutes.

04. Now you'll login to the dashboard using the identical login information. This dashboard shows all the activity associated with the account you're following.

What else should you know about Copy9 for Android?

In fact, Copy9 for Android could be a powerful and extremely effective solution that one can assume. Therewith said, here are some more important things you should understand.

  • Is it necessary to induce physical access to the target device?

It's correct. For once, you may have access to the device to put in apps.

  • Can the target user spot this app?

Are not. The target user won't notice this app because it goes stealth mode after the installation is complete.

  • What other activities are you able to follow with it?

It can track almost any action performed on the target device. as an example, it's possible to trace location, call log, messages, internet browsing history, social networks, call recording, ambient recording, and more.

  • What about its compatibility?

Compatible with Android 4.0 and every one other newer versions.

Sure. It can track everything, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Viber, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, etc.

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