How to Hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone

Consider whether you would like to understand what is going on on within the phone of a specific individual, what would you do? You cannot ask them directly because that may sound a small amount odd. How about hacking it, that they do not even know? Is that even possible?

Yes, it's hacking and spying techniques that have evolved to an incredible level. It now does not require coding or hacking phones manually. All you would like maybe a hacking app that will do all the work for you.

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There are many reasons why you would possibly want to hack someone's phone. It may well be your child or your staff and everyone you would like to try to do is control them. The question arises, which is the best application? Because there are such a large amount of incompetent and scam apps available.

In this article, I will be able to guide you on how to hack Android phone using another Android phone. This may be through with the assistance of the most effective hacking apps on the market.

1. Using Copy9 to hack an Android phone

Copy9 could be a hacking app used globally, allowing you to gather information without the target's knowledge. It is used by many parents and employers to examine their children and staff, respectively. It's a reliable app for both Android and iOS platforms.

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This hacking app requires some minutes to line up with the target’s phone. If you’re worried about the eye it'll attract, the app is simply 2MB in size. It also drains a negligible amount of battery while syncing with Copy9 cloud.

Once the app is installed on the target’s phone, you may get access to all or any of their messages, e-mails, and more. It's a friendly UI and is compatible with all browsers. You'll monitor their device by checking their social media, call records, pictures without them ever checking out.

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The best part of Copy9 is that you just don't have to root the target device to observe social apps. You simply should gain physical access thereto and install the app. After which, the app will work quietly within the background, won't drain battery power, and therefore the icon is hidden.

Let’s see how to hack a phone using Copy9 on your Android phone.

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How to Install Copy9 on an Android phone

Visit the Copy9 website

● Sign up with a legitimate email address and password.

● Click ‘Android’ and choose the package you wish on the subsequent page.

● Make a payment, you'll receive a confirmation letter from Copy9.

● the e-mail will contain payment details, installation instructions, and a download link.

● Use the download link on your target phone and follow the instructions carefully.

● make sure to settle on a stealth mode before completing the installation.

● Once done, return to your account on the phone.

● Access Copy9 using the main points provided within the email, anticipate the account to sync with the target device. Then take a glance at the dashboard

● After synchronizing, you may see the dashboard, all the features mentioned above, and also the phone information.

● To look at the messages of your Android phone, click the message link on the left.


If you explore the dashboard, you'll also see other features like location, photos, social apps. Copy9 doesn't require you to root your device to observe social apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. Something has not been achieved by the other monitoring application.

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Copy9  has received rave reviews from the big apple Times, iGeeksBlog, and even Forbes. There must be a reason behind it, which is excellent in its field!

2. Using FlexiSPY to hack an Android phone

It is one of the foremost powerful and costliest hacking apps on the market. Its base version is costlier than the advanced versions of other similar application versions. FlexiSPY allows call blocking, call recording, and more.

The drawback is that, for iOS devices, a jailbreak is required to induce the advantages of this hacking app. For an Android device, the target device must be rooted so as for this app to be used on that.

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Some of its advanced features include the key to adding your phone to the telephone call. you'll be able to record calls from a particular number. With the assistance of the "Password cracking app", you'll be able to get passwords of all social networking accounts on your device.

Now, let's examine the way to use FlexiSPY to hack an Android phone:

● Attend their website and buy the package you deem suitable for the number of your time needed.

● Root the Android target device, so install FlexiSPY on that.

● Once installed and synchronized, you'll be able to access the target phone.

● Visit the FlexiSPY dashboard and you'll hack the mobile number using any of its features.

3. Using Spyic to hack an Android phone

Spyic is another popular mobile hacking and monitoring app, kind of like JSPY . I ranked it 2nd thanks to its merits and JSPY could be a better hacking app. Spyic has identical features and setup process as JSPY .

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Spyic may be a big brand within the phone surveillance industry. it's voluminous downloads across 190 countries. The application doesn't require jailbreak for iOS devices.

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No need to root the target Android device, whether or not you would like to observe social apps. All you have got to try to do is download Spyic on the target Android device and therefore the icon will disappear automatically. This is often one of the simplest features of Spyic.

Spyic has an application size of two MB so it can't be detected. Installation is quick and simple, takes about 5 minutes. The application works in stealth mode. just in case some crashes occur, you'll remotely uninstall Spyic from the target's device from your console.

With Spyic's help, you'll be able to read all sent and deleted messages, view the call log with a timestamp. Track the target phone's social apps, messages sent through those apps, and more. you'll be able to even track the placement of the target phone with the assistance of Spyic. Spyic has been featured in magazines such as PC World, CNET, Tech Advisor and even Forbes.

Now, let’s see how to hack a phone using Spyic:

● Make an account on

● Make payment and make sure of the confirmation email.

● Manually install the Spyic app onto the target phone.

● Wait for the phone to sync with the Spyic control board, once synced you'll be able to access all information.


How to hack an Android phone using another Android phone. I highly recommend JSPY as it needs the most performance and stealth. These apps will work in a well-hidden way and won't be inconvenient!

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