How to Hack Facebook Account With Copy9

How do you hack a Facebook account easily and quickly? Usually, you will actually search on Google, many website results will show you that they all claim to be able to hack your target Facebook account for you by simply linking your profile. target.

Is it really that simple? Can you hack their Facebook account from the profile link? And the answer is No if it's really easy to do from every website, anyone can get their account hacked and Facebook will have to go bankrupt.

These sites are mostly phishing to try to make it simple for you and make money quickly from you. Many websites can also host malware and reverse scams that steal your personal information when they ask you to enter personal information before hacking someone's account. Therefore, we recommend that you do not trust fake advertising websites.

So is there a sure way to hack a child's Facebook account or some other goal? The answer is possible! You will use a powerful phone monitoring application like Copy9. With this tacit tracking application, you can remotely and securely access your Facebook account for your child or someone.

With Copy's Keylogger function, you can even get their username and password to access their account simply!

Below, we will provide you with 3 safe and secure ways to hack an online Facebook account:

How to hack Facebook account online with Copy9

Copy9 is a top-rated remote monitoring phone application. It is trusted by more than 2 million people from over 100 countries worldwide. This app is used by parents, employers, and even cybersecurity professionals, and everyone is happy about what Copy9 has to offer!


1.1 How to Copy9 Facebook Hack works 'Secret'

When you are using the Copy9 app to hack a Facebook account, the target will never discover that it exists in their device. Because the design of Copy9 is stealth after installation, built for separate Android phones.

I will show you how and procedure for hacking on Android phones:

Install Facebook hack on Android phones

Copy9 for Android is designed to run in the background and does not need root but still works normally (unlike Facebook hack applications on other Android). Especially the size of the application is very small, only about 8MB, which means that the installation on the target device will be very fast. After installation is complete, the Copy9 application will automatically hide the icon from the application menu.

It does not require the use of excessive battery power on the target device. Copy9 has a great remote uninstall function, if you feel that person can detect it and you have to uninstall it then you can perform a remote uninstall with Copy9's control panel on the web site with Any browser can be accessed to successfully uninstall it.

Note: We can assure you that applications cannot hack any Facebook account without installing the application on the target device. If any application introduces you that it doesn't need to be installed but can still hack your Facebook account, then they are cheating on you and they may steal your data or infect your system with malicious viruses.

1.2 How do you hack Facebook with Copy9?

Copy9 allows you to hack Facebook account on Android devices in two ways below:

Hack Facebook with Keylogger feature


Copy9 has many functions and among them is the Keylogger function. It helps you record all keystrokes when the target user enters on the target device. When the target uses Facebook and logs in to their account, Copy9 will listen to the keystrokes when they log in and send it to the server so you can know the Username and Password of the target account. You can then log into the target's account as they log themselves.

Hack Facebook with Notification feature

Copy9 account​​​If you are afraid of the risk of logging into the target account, then Copy9 also features Notification to be able to support you. With the Notification feature, you can view the conversation messages they send to someone remotely without having to log in to the target's account.

1.3 How to use Copy9 to hack Facebook accounts

Installing and setting up the Copy9 application to the target device only takes about 1 minute on Android devices:

Step 1: Sign up for a Copy9 account from Cpanel. You need to have an email account to register and use it to log in to Copy9 for later visits.


Step 2: Buy a subscription of Copy9. You can choose between Basic, Gold, Premium.

Step 3: Download and install Copy9 on the target device. It only takes about a minute to install it to complete. Once the application is installed, it will automatically hide it and the target user will not be able to detect that the Copy9 application exists in their device.

Step 4: Log in to the control panel with your Copy9 account from any browser on Laptop or your smartphone. In the control panel, navigate to Facebook on the left menu. Alternatively, you can find the Keylogger function in the left menu to see the account of the newly recorded target from the Copy9 application.


1.4 What makes Copy more special than other tools?

Copy9 is a very smooth running application and sends data to the server to show it for you to see very quickly. It is very secure and discreet and has many great features like retrieving SMS, Call list, GPS, Photo History. Here are some reasons why Copy9 is so special:

Is a stealth and safety application
When you want to hack someone's Facebook account, you're always afraid they'll find out. You don't want them to discover you're following them, because it can make your relationship an enemy. Copy9 will not let you be afraid of this because it is a stealth application and you can remotely uninstall it whenever you want without the target user knowing it.
Tracking from afar
Once you've installed the Copy9 app on the target device, you can start tracking it remotely. You can access the Copy9 dashboard from any browser. You only need to log in to your Copy9 account and you can see everything from the target phone.
No need super skill
Do you need skills to hack someone's Facebook account with Copy9? Is not! Copy9 is designed to make it easy for any user to install.
No need to root Android device
Most spy apps on the market require you to root the target device in order to hack your Facebook account. Copy9 is advanced enough to hack Facebook without the target device having to be rooted. This makes installation easier and safer than other applications.
Copy9 is an online phone monitoring application. It has the ability to hack all social networks, not just Facebook. On Android, Copy9 gives you access to contacts, calls, messages, photos, location, ambient record and more.
Trusted by users
You may be worried that these applications may hack your account or steal your personal data. But you don't have to worry about that for Copy9. Because it is a trusted application used by more than a million people in many different countries.

To conclude

In a nutshell, Copy9 is the best application that can help you hack Facebook account simply and securely remotely. This application is effective, cheap and easy to use. You can spy on others' Facebook within one minute of installation.

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