How to hack into a cell phone remotely for free to read someone’s text messages?

There are several ways in which you'll be able to hack someone's phone to read text messages. Common phone hacking methods involve installing software on a phone that enables you to read all incoming and outgoing messages. 

But there's such a lot more to that than that! Read on for more information on how to hack into a cell phone remotely for free to read someone's text messages.

Is there a way to hack into a cell phone remotely for free to read text messages?

Of course, yes! If there were no thanks to getting access to someone's text messages, there probably wouldn't be a large marketplace for spy apps out there. You'll be able to read incoming and outgoing text messages on the phone, thus granting you access to the complete conversation.

With spy apps, users can have access to text messages including those from instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, WhatsApp, LINE, KIK, Viber, and other applications. 

But beyond this, there are other methods that would be wont to hack a phone to read text messages. Although there are certain limitations, these methods are well worth exploring. 

Betting on what you would like to attain by hacking your phone and whether you've got an iPhone or an Android phone, there are different methods just like the ones listed below:


Copy9 is a spy application that allows you to read text messages on a device, whether it's iPhone or Android. In particular, for Android devices, you need to have physical access to the device. After installing spyware on the target phone, you can read all incoming and outgoing messages remotely without asking for any access to their phone.


However, for an iOS device, you do not require physical access to the device. You just need to grab a person's Cloud credentials to read their text remotely. Furthermore, Copy9 provides users with an online dashboard (web-based dashboard) from which you can read all these sent and received text messages.

Spy apps are popular because of the variety of features they offer. You can achieve more just by reading text messages. If you want a complete spy tool that allows you to record other people's calls, view photos and videos stored on their phones, check their email or instant messages, then Copy9 is the best hack tool that is right for you!

Hacking phone using Kali Linux 

Kali Linux may be an artificial language utilized in digital forensics and penetration testing. However, it can even be employed by hackers to realize access to a smartphone.

There are some online tutorials that come in the essence of phone hacking. Here we offer a quick overview. Using Kali Linux, you'll be able to create a malicious apk file downloaded by the victim, resulting in the hacking of their phone.

This file contains the name of the local IP address and command that sets the link between the target device and therefore the hacker. Commands will be sent to the target device accustomed to take pictures, read messages, and examine the decision log.

There are many websites claiming that they will access text messages from someone's phone, for free. However, the claims made by such websites don't seem to be true and will cost you unnecessary money. Such software may also cause other malware and viruses to lurk on the phone.

In case you have got a decent relationship along with your kids, you simply have to ask for their phone. If they provide you a password, consider you a lucky parent. But in most cases, kids won't feel comfortable when parents read their text.

This is why you would like an alternate solution.

How to hack into a cell phone remotely for free to read someone's text messages?

For iOS, you merely require iCloud credentials, that is, the username and password of one's iCloud account.

This also means you do not need actual access to the iPhone to read text messages on the iPhone. Since all of the iPhone's data is secured in iCloud, the credentials will allow you to track all the activity that takes place on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, the same doesn't apply to Android phones. To read someone else's text messages, you wish to have your phone. To hack into someone's text messages, you would like to possess Copy9 installed on an Android device. 


Once installed, you do not need access to the phone anymore. the appliance will automatically display all incoming and outgoing messages on your Copy9 dashboard.

Copy9 also allows you to look at other people's instant messages from all popular apps. For instance, to look at messages on WhatsApp, simply select WhatsApp from the drop-down list on the left side of your Copy9 Dashboard screen (see below). All WhatsApp messages include timestamp, caller ID, and contact number.

how to download copy9

To install Copy9, follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Sign up for Copy9 and wait for the email in your inbox.
  • Open the downloaded app. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

How to hack text messages without them knowing?

After you install Copy9 on your phone, the app will add stealth mode. It allows you to read text messages without the person's knowledge. 

You'll read sent and received messages similarly to sent/received messages on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber, Kik, Tinder Messages, and Skype.

viber hack

Copy9 offers customers a list of features that allow you to read messages on monitored devices and more. The keylogger feature expands this functionality by recording all keystrokes made on the monitored device. 

So you'll also read messages that were deleted or never sent in the first place. Additionally, to reading text messages, Copy9 allows you to track call logs, call recording, app activity, location, browser history, and more.

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