How to hack phone calls on Android?

1. What can I do if I want to hack phone calls?

With the advancement of current technology, mobile phones have really become much more complete with basic features such as calling, messaging, watching everything on the internet and other advanced functions, along with hacking techniques and a lot of hacking applications were born and developed very quickly. To this day, hacking remote phone calls is no longer a challenge. You can search for hacking phone calls apps on Google and you can easily install hacking on someone else's or your kid's mobile phone before your teenage age.

You can record incoming or outgoing phone calls of your child. Yes, this is an important feature in hacking your kid's mobile calls. The main benefit of being a parent is to know if your child is talking to someone who is bad or you are abusers out there and what they are talking about. It can also help you limit your child's calls during the day or block some incoming calls you think aren't good, you should be able to do that.

Copy9 also adds hacking functionality to the call log. This is another important feature of mobile phone hacking that you may need to know who your child called to at what time and how long it was and how special it is. This feature can help other people than their parents. In the event that you have any doubts or if your employee is suspicious about your employee's activity, you will be able to have assistance viewing all the call logs he or she has called. Who could be calling your business rival. This will help you to remove doubts about the unusual activities of the employees you are suspecting.

2. How to hack calls on Android Phones?

Before we show you how you can hack phone calls on Android phones, you need to understand what it is and how it works. Currently there are many applications on the internet advertising as hackers for hacking phone calls. Using those applications, it will give you easy access to other Android mobile phones to invade and record their calls. With a good app, you can not only hack phone calls or call log lists, but you can also hack messages, keyloggers, and social networking messages and more.

If you want to hack your kid's or someone's mobile phone calls, then the first thing you need to know is what type of mobile operating system they're using. Some of them can work on Android. Because there are so many apps that hack mobile calls, it might support iOS phones, not the Android phones you're trying to hack. For apps that support hacking Android devices, you'll have to install the app onto the device you're targeting.

3. Copy9: best in hacking mobile calls on Android

If you want to hack into your kid's or someone's mobile calls, then you need to choose the best app and it's hard for the target user to detect. So Copy9 is definitely a comprehensive Android mobile hacking tool and it can give you more information than just hacking your phone calls like other basic apps. From call logs to call records, from picture messages to text messages, messages from social networking apps you can hack all of the target device.



  • The phone brand is not important for the Copy9 application, you can hack any
  • mobile phone with the Android operating system.
  • Gives you data on calls and messages in real-time.
  • Complete hacking target mobile.
  • The data of the target device when hacked will be available on your control panel and you can log in to view with the Copy9 account you have created. You can view them from anywhere like a Tablet, Laptop, mobile phone or desktop.

4.How to spy phone app with Copy on Android phones?

Step 1: Create a premium account with Copy9 and especially you experience a 3-day trial application for you to learn about it. To register an account you can follow 2 ways. You can visit my copy9 website and register yourself or you can register directly in the application when downloading and installing. You can also use the desktop as well. You can see detailed instructions for each installation step to be able to install Copy9 application by How to install Copy9.


Step 2: After successfully registering an account and installing the app on the target device such as the link on How to install Copy9 that I have introduced above. When you're done setting up, the app will automatically hide to make it harder to detect and start running in the background and send data like Call, SMS, Location, Contact and Hack WhatsApp. Because the application is potentially hidden, the owner of the mobile phone will not have an existing Copy9 application. You can now open your desktop or mobile phone to access the dashboard. Open your dashboard and it will show the mobile phones that are currently being tracked. On the left panel of the panel is a list of functions that the app can be hacked and shows you the details on the right. If you select the call, call log, it will display all data related to the call. If you need to track other features, you just need to select them from the control panel and you will have live data displayed on your dashboard.


What are you thinking about? If you really want to hack phone calls, download the Copy9 app today and your hack request will be done. You have won on how to hack your kid's or someone's mobile calls, with these simple steps you can hack any Android mobile phone you want and start following. monitor their data remotely without fear of being detected.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.

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