How to Hack Phone with Just their Number

A lot of individuals ask ‘how to hack phone with just their number?’ If you're here, you're probably one among these people too, whatever your reasons.

While many sources will tell you that you simply cannot hack mobile phones with just their number, the method is truly quite feasible and straightforward. As long as you meet one or two requirements, there are many mobile hacking apps running on the web.

The way these apps work is different counting on the one you're using. There are plenty of those apps that do not even require you to put in any software on your phone or PC. These services operate directly from your browser.

However, not all remote telephone hacks with just a telephone number may be trusted. After all, you recognize what percentage of scams there are on the web. During this article, we offer you a legitimate phone spy application that will secretly hack someone's portable for you:

How to Hack Phone by their Number

Copy9 is one of the most effective signaling hacker apps ever invented. Over 1,000,000 users in over 190 countries love this app. Apps can hack someone's transportable just with their number, as long as they're using an Android or iOS device.

1.1 Copy9: Phone Number Hacker Software

Did you know that Copy9 is a very popular phone hacker application on the market today? Has it been featured on top platforms like PC World, BuzzFeed, LifeHacker, The Huffington Post, and TheGuardian?


The app is a great combination of powerful and affordable features:

  1. Copy9 is a full-fledged phone-hacking tool

What can Copy9 do for you after you utilize it to hack someone's telephone with just their number? The app comes with a bunch of useful hacking features:

  • Password hacker: Copy9 incorporates a built-in keylogger. With the assistance of this powerful tool, you'll be able to find anyone's username or password as they enter that username or password for any of their online accounts.
  • Hack Text Messages: Hackers Copy9 allows you to read outgoing and incoming messages or iMessages on anyone's phone.
  • Call log hacker: Call log hacker allows you to hack call log and obtain details like call duration, date and time entry, contact name, etc.
  • Social Network Hackers: Copy9 can hack a large range of popular social networking apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.
  • Location tracker: you'll be able to see someone's location history, including names of visited places, addresses, neighborhood information, and even a 3D street view.
  • You can also hack and examine someone's phone photo.
whatsapp spy

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything telephone number hacker software can do. You've got over XXIV features with Copy9 with regular updates, which is the best thanks to tracking someone's phone with just their number.

  1. The app is trustworthy

Not all of the how to hack someone's phone with their number are reliable, as we mentioned before. Copy9, however, is worth your trust. This app is employed by over 1,000,000 people in over 190 countries. User verified app, virus-free, and dealing properly.

  1. Copy9 is cutting-edge

If you wish to hack someone's phone with their number, most of the time the target device must be rooted or unlocked. This can be a giant deal and not something you'll be able to do about it. Rooting and cracking may also sometimes cause data loss and void your warranty.

Copy9 is one of the sole apps in the world that may hack someone's phone with no need to root or jailbreak it. It gives you full access to the phone with no hassles.

  1. The app is simple to use

Using Copy9 is simple. The app is just designed to urge up and running. Anyone can use the app with just a smartphone or PC. You'll access the appliance conveniently from your application, even after you are on the go. You do not need technical skills.

  1. Copy9 is 100% discreet

Copy9 may be super sneaky thanks to hacking someone's mobile phone. If you utilize the hacker app, you will not be detected.

The iOS version of Copy9 could be a web-based application. It works with the target device's linked iCloud account, instead of directly with the iPhone. you are doing not need to download or install any software. Hence, Copy9 for iOS can't be detected.

On the opposite hand, the Android version of Copy9 could be a 2MB application. you'll be able to install the app on the target device so hide it. It works without draining the phone's battery. Because it's so small and hidden, the user cannot find it.

  1. Your privacy is protected

When using Copy9, you must not worry about the safety of your personal information. The app doesn't store your personal information nor can anyone access them in any way. Therefore, Copy9 is safe to use and also completely private.

1.2 Hack A Phone With Just The Number (Step-By-Step Guide)

So how to hack phone with only numbers using Copy9? Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: First, purchase a Copy9 subscription package in order that you get unlimited access to all or any of its services. It's quite cheap and there are many various options to decide on from. Enter your email when it prompts you.

Once you've purchased the package, you'll receive a notification that your purchase was successful. Below, you will find your login username and password. They are also sent to your email address.


Step 2: Log in to your Copy9 account using the credentials you received from Step 1. When logged in, you'll be taken to the Copy9 configuration where you'll be able to set it up for the target device.

To track iPhone, verify its iCloud credentials using Copy9. To spy on an Android phone, download the Copy9 app on the target device. Both of those methods are 100% hidden and secret.

Step 3: Now that you have Copy9 configured, you will see the message ‘Installation complete’. Click the 'Start' button to start monitoring their phone data.


All Copy9 features are available on the left side of the dashboard. To use any of the features, simply click the features tab.

Now you'll hack an Android smartphone or iPhone with a foreign number! See the SIM card function if you wish details about the telco provider and IMEI.

How to hack someone‘s phone without just their number

The most standard thanks to hacking someone's phone without their number is by employing a phone surveillance solution or a spy app. These tools will display most of the activity happening on a phone or tablet. Furthermore, since they will be hidden, the phone user won't realize it.

How to hack someone's phone with a spy app? you put in the app and it'll do the remainder. You'll be able to hack individual device operations from the dashboard. The layout varies between apps, but a number of the choices you've got are "Location", "Social Media" and "SIM Card".

How to hack someone’s iPhone from your phone

It is possible to steal someone's iPhone from your phone. Of course, you will need a spy app that supports hacking iOS remotely. You'll install the answer we discussed partially 1 remotely from your phone without touching the target iPhone or iPad.

Once you've got the spy app installed, you ought to be ready to hack your iPhone from your phone at any time. You'll be able to check messages, view call logs, track device movements, and more. You'll do so conveniently without being around your device.

iPhone number hack

You can't directly hack someone's iPhone with just numbers. This idea, though, is everywhere and has been discussed regularly within the news and within the press lately. This has caused many of us to stress about the protection of our families, especially their children.

However, there's no reason to stress. a standard person or maybe a longtime hacker cannot hack an iPhone number. Only the govt. Has the rights and resources to hack iPhone numbers. However, that's completely different in terms of depth.

If you've got someone's iPhone number and need to hack it, for private reasons (we're not here to evaluate), you will need details about the user's iCloud. You'll then be able to hack the device remotely without being near it.


Copy9 is the best thanks to hacking someone's phone with just their number. Not only is the app powerful and offers exceptional features, but it is also available for a bargain price. Most other solutions cost two to a few times more and do not always offer identical features. 

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