How to track my phone for free online

Your smartphone has become an indispensable tool in today's technologically advanced world. It holds various documents, contacts, media files, and several other content categories you can’t afford to lose. No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to completely protect our mobile phones from being stolen. You can lose your phone in diverse circumstances, and that suck! The first question that will bombard your mind is how you are going to track your phone.

Well, it might sound like a hard nut to crack question, but there is a quick fix to this mayhem. The crux of the matter is that you need a proper tool to answer how to track my Android question. Fortunately, this article takes you through a complete guide on how to track my phone for free online.

Method 1: Track My Android using browser

Before using this find out where my phone is method, you must find, locate, or erase the target Android phone. It's only possible if the Android phone is on, signed into a Google account, connected to the internet, has both locations and Find My Device enabled, and is visible in Google Play. If these conditions are met, you can track your Android phone using the browser as follows.

As soon as you've got a web browser open, start typing "where is my phone?" Make sure you sign in on the browser with the same account as the lost phone.

A Google map should now show the location of your misplaced phone, as shown in Step 2. If you have more than one phone with the same account, select the lost Android phone. You now have the option of locking, erasing, or ringing your lost Android from afar for reasons of security or privacy.

Method 2. Use of Find My Phone

Another plausible way to find my lost Android phone is via the Find My Device app. Here, you can use another Android device then log in as a guest.

Step 1. Download and install the “Find My Device” app from Google Play on another Android device or tablet. Log in using the account details of the Google account the lost device was signed in. Alternatively, go to the page, then login with the same details.

Next, use the list at the top of the page to find your misplaced Android phone or tablet. When you have selected the device, click the refresh button to get more information about the device location.

Step 2. You can now choose to remotely ring your device, erase all the contents from the device, or lock the device.

Method 3. Use Find my iPhone

This method is only helpful in finding lost iPhones. Before using it, ensure the lost iPhone had “Find My iPhone” installed before the disappearance. Also, this program must have been turned on as well. To locate a lost iPhone using Find my iPhone, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get a new iPhone and set it up with the Find My iPhone app.

Refreshing the lost iPhone's location is as simple as logging into the account that was used to sign it out and logging in again.

Step 2. You can now decide to remotely control your lost iPhone by either activating the “Lost Mode” or playing a sound for, say, 2 minutes. The lost mode locks the lost iPhone with a password and then displays a message on the screen

Best method: Use Copy9

There isn't a single approach that comes close to Copy9 among the methods described above. Yes, Copy9 is a completely free cell phone tracker that works across virtually all platforms.

Whether you want to track a lost device, detect, or control the contents accessed by the target device, Copy9 makes it extremely seamless and effective track my phone for free online. This program is cross-platform; hence you don’t have to worry whether the lost device is an Android or iOS brand.

Copy9 since it's features make it suitable for all kinds of device tracking applications, it meets today's requirements for a tracker app. This program is easy to use. Therefore, no expertise is required. Navigating this site won't be difficult, regardless of your level of experience.

Copy9 Pros and Cons

Using this program, you can see what has been happening on the target or lost device throughout the day. You can get the app timeline, deleted app, or installed apps report.

Filter Web Content – Copy9 allows users to control the sites accessed by the target device. In addition, you can add specific websites to a blacklist, access deleted browser history, and block access to websites you don't want.

Monitor App Usage – with Copy9, you can check how much time is spent on each app on the target phone. Because of this, you are able to set app restrictions and block specific types of apps.

With this app, you can be notified immediately if any explicit content is detected.

Smart Screen Time Scheduler – Copy9 offers a smart screen time scheduler option so that you can block screen time, reward time, or schedule screen time accordingly.

Real-time location – This program feeds you with real-time location, location history. Also, it allows you to set alerts when the target phone gets into unsafe locations.

How to track my phone for free online using Copy9

Step 1. Using your browser, visit the Copy9 website and register a free account. Additionally, the app is available for download from website Copy9.

If you want to track a specific phone, follow these steps: Step 2: Download and install Copy9 on the target phone and the

  • Locating a missing phone
  • Customize the options to  your liking.

Use the Copy9 dashboard app or the web portal in step three. Connect and manage all of your devices in one place. Choose the target phone and start tracking it.


This article has expounded on some of the best ways to track a phone for free online. Whether you are tracking an Android or iOS phone, it won’t be a problem for you anymore. You only have to select Copy9, and the rest of tracking your phone is a piece of cake.

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