How to track my phone for free online

In today's technologically evolved world, your phone is an extremely important instrument. It contains a variety of papers, contacts, media files, and other material categories that you cannot afford to lose.

We cannot make mobile phones theft-proof, no matter how hard we strive to backup phone data and keep them secure. You can lose your phone in a variety of situations, and that stinks! The first question that would come to mind is how you will track your phone.

It may appear to be a difficult question to answer, yet there is a simple solution to this mayhem. The essence of the issue is that you need a proper solution to solve the question of how to track my Android. Fortunately, this post provides a comprehensive explanation on how to monitor my phone for free online.

Method 1: Use a browser to track My Android

You must first find, locate, or wipe the target Android phone before utilizing this track my phone method. This is only feasible if the Android phone is turned on and logged into a Google account.

The device is connected to the internet, has both locations enabled, has Find My Device enabled, and is visible on Google Play. If these parameters are met, you can use the browser to track your Android phone as shown below.

Step 1: Launch a browser and put "where is my phone" into the browser's search box. Make sure you sign in with the same account as the missing phone on the browser.

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Step 2: You should now be able to locate the misplaced phone using Google Maps. Select the lost Android phone if you have more than one phone with the same account. You may now remotely control your misplaced Android by locking it, wiping all files for security or privacy reasons, or ringing it.

Method 2: Use Find My Device.

Another viable option for locating my misplaced Android phone is to use the Find My Device app. You can use another Android device to log in as a guest here.

1: On another Android device or tablet, download and install the “Find My Device” app from Google Play. Log in with the Google account into which the lost device was signed. Alternatively, go to and login with the same information.

2: After successfully logging in, locate the missing Android device in the list at the top of the page. After you've chosen the device, click the refresh button to acquire more information about its position.

3: You can now choose to remotely ring your device, erase all of its contents, or lock it.

Method 3: Utilize Find My iPhone.

This strategy is solely useful for locating misplaced iPhones. Before you use it, make sure the lost iPhone had “Find My iPhone” installed before it went missing. This program must also have been activated. Follow the instructions below to locate a misplaced iPhone using Find my iPhone.

Step 1: Obtain a replacement iPhone and ensure that the Find My iPhone software is installed and enabled.

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2: Log in to the account associated with the lost iPhone, then select the refresh option to see the current location of your lost iPhone.

Step 3: You can now choose whether to remotely control your missing iPhone by activating the "Lost Mode" or playing a sound for, say, 2 minutes. The lost mode password-protects the lost iPhone and shows a message on the screen.

The best method is to use Copy9.

None of the strategies mentioned above compare to Copy9. Yes, Copy9 is a totally free cell phone tracker that works on almost every platform.

Copy9 makes it extremely simple and effective to trace a lost device, detect, or control the contents accessed by the target device. Because this program is cross-platform, you don't have to worry about whether the misplaced device is an Android or an iOS model.


satisfies modern tracker app needs because its characteristics make it suited for all types of device monitoring applications This application is very simple to use. As a result, no skill is necessary. Whether you are a novice or an expert, navigation will not be a difficult chore.

Copy9 Advantages

Activity report - This program displays the daily activities of the missing or targeted device. You can obtain a report on the app timeline, deleted apps, or installed apps.

Filter Web Content - Copy9 allows users to restrict which websites the target device visits. You can restrict access to unwanted websites, view deleted browser history, and add specific websites to the blacklist.

Monitor App Usage - You may use Copy9 to see how much time is spent on each app on the target phone. As a result, you can set app limitations and block apps by category.

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Get Alerts - With this app, you can receive fast notifications when explicit material is discovered.

Smart Screen Time Scheduler - Copy9 has a smart screen time scheduler option that allows you to block, reward, or schedule screen time.

Real-time location - This program provides you with real-time location information as well as location history. It also allows you to set notifications when the target phone enters dangerous areas.

How to Track My Phone for Free Online Using Copy9

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the Copy9 website to create a free account. You may also get the software from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2: Install Copy9 on both the phone you want to track and the phone you want to track. Change the settings to suit your needs.

Step 3: Launch the Copy9 dashboard app or access the web interface. You can connect and manage all of your gadgets from here. Select the target phone and begin tracking it.


This article has gone through some of the finest free ways to monitor a phone online. It will no longer be a problem for you to track an Android or iOS phone. Simply select Copy9, and the rest of tracking your phone will be a piece of cake.

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