How to View Someone’s Facebook Inbox Messages With Copy9

Facebook was born in 2004 and so far has a lot of users. So the need to hack someone's messages is a lot of people looking for. Almost everyone wants to know how to view someone's inbox messages like their children or company employees on Facebook.

For this need, a lot of tools have been developed for this purpose and they advertise a lot on Google. However, when you try to install them, you realize that they are fake applications that are not useful for you.

Final result? It was a failure even though you followed their requirements. This is why I try to pin down searching for answers if there's a way to really help someone message someone's inbox or hack a Facebook account.

I have tried to find lots of solutions and tools on the internet. All I originally looked for were fake tools. Later, however, I came up with software that could hack inbox messages from your child's Facebook app or someone else. Within minutes of installing the application, I was able to retrieve information on messages in Facebook's inbox.

How to read messages on Facebook without knowing their password

So you can read the messages of someone like your child, or your lover on Facebook can be very difficult. There are many things that make you feel worried, especially if you do not have enough knowledge about account hacking knowledge to be able to do that miracle.

The fact that you can access someone's Facebook account is like finding a vast ocean undersea newspaper. Even if you already have an account to access someone's Facebook, the next difficulty is that the person can know you're following them because of unusual login messages from Facebook and they will probably change your password. and your efforts become meaningless.

From there you might think that accessing someone's mailbox to Facebook without them knowing is almost impossible.

However I have found this great app gives me a way to hack Facebook messages, Snapchat or any other social networking application. Even calls, messages, location, device passwords.

I will share this secret application with you. If you can follow my instructions fully, you will definitely get into Facebook's inbox without them knowing that you have received their message and you do not need any technique. .

Even if the account has been set up to be private, which only they can see themselves, this tool can help show messages in your inbox. Especially, it can also provide their device unlock password or Facebook password too.

I am sure that by following the steps that I guide successfully, you will feel that the time you spent reading this tutorial is not a waste. Read the great ways below.

Copy9 - This spyware will help you view anyone's inbox messages

You may not be familiar with the Copy9 tool, because if you already use it, you won't need to search for more solutions. Copy9 is a phone monitoring tool that allows you to read inbox messages of any Facebook account (or any other social networking apps account).

Not only that, you can follow your children or your husband more than Facebook messages and they will never discover you're following them. All this is made possible by the great hiddenness of the Copy9 app that will be installed on someone's device.

How can Copy9 help me?

Copy9 is developed with a lot of features. These features include:

Monitoring social networking applications:

Copy9 has the function of monitoring social networking applications. This tool can help you to get message logs of all your child's social networking apps or someone. You can read all chats on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat that they couldn't detect.

Keylogger function:

Keylogger makes it possible to track what the target user imports from their device such as device password or Facebook account password, WhatsApp and more. This includes what they are chatting with someone.

Location tracking function:

The location tracking function helps you track someone's current location and save the daily location history of the target user on the move and you can get their current location anywhere. When do you want to?

Ambient Recording function:

Copy9 will help you listen to what is going on around your husband or someone you want to monitor remotely. Thanks to that you can detect their lies to you. It can help you listen to someone's ambient sounds whenever you want.

Read messages on Facebook without checking through Copy9

Installing and setting up the Copy9 application for the target device only takes about 1 minute on the Android device. By following the instructions below you can immediately install Copy9 and read messages from your child's Facebook inbox or whoever you want:

Step 1: Sign up for a Copy9 account from Cpanel. You need to have an email account to register and use it to log in to Copy9 for later visits.

Step 2: Buy a subscription of Copy9. You can choose between Basic, Gold, Premium.

Step 3: Download and install Copy9 on the target device. It only takes about a minute to install it to complete. Once the application is installed, it will automatically hide it and the target user will not be able to detect that the Copy9 application exists in their device.

Step 4: Log in to the control panel with your Copy9 account from any browser on Laptop or your smartphone. In the control panel, navigate to Facebook on the left menu. Alternatively, you can find the Keylogger function in the left menu to see the account of the newly recorded target from the Copy9 application.

All features of Copy9 will be available on the left of the control panel. Now you can click to check someone's Facebook message through the 2 features below.

Use the Keylogger feature

Copy9 offers you a keylogger feature as I mentioned to you earlier. It records all keystrokes users enter on their phone whenever texting someone. Therefore, you can view all the chats that they have sent from Facebook Messenger. You can even see who they've been looking for on Facebook's search bar as well as their passwords every time they log back in.

Use the Notification History feature

Copy9 also has the Notification feature. It receives all messages from someone sent to the target user you want to track. Especially, it can get all incoming messages of social networking applications such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. Click on this feature and you can see what others are texting to the target user you want to track.

Use the Facebook Spy feature

Copy9 has a feature to retrieve all messages from the database that Facebook has stored in the device's memory. However, if you want to use this function, their device must be cracked also known as Root. You can also search for how to root your android device on the internet, there are lots of tutorials.

Use Copy9 now and see the secrets of your children, your husband or someone else who they have been texting and doing something dark behind you. To see the 3-day free use, you can go to Copy9 to see how it works.


Based on what I have researched and researched, I have found myself the best application for tracking my inbox messages. Copy9 is a great way to hack Facebook accounts and hack Facebook messages without being detected by the target user. It is mysterious and invisible magic that works in your child's device, your husband or anyone.

In addition, Copy9 also supports hacking for a lot of other features from their devices such as package logs, messages, location, photos and so on. Therefore, if I were you, I would choose to install Copy9 to try how it works. You finally know how to view someone's inbox from Facebook so easily.

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