How to Tell if Android Phone – Tablet is Rooted?

As one of the Android mobile users, you have to know that there are some default functions, features and files, which can never be modified. Rooting is such a process, which helps you in accessing the Operating System and in controlling it very easily.

You may compare it as an act of running applications as Windows administrators. After rooting the device, you may install the previously unaccessible apps. You will enjoy better features, including block advertisements or bloatware un-installation.

However, the disadvantage is that rooting process may affect the warranty. As this is a complicated process, your mobile can get damaged while there is any issue in ROM.

When you do not consider rooting as the best option, you may unroot it instantly with the use of SuperSu. If your mobile is in unrooted state, and there is a need of rooting it, you have to read our guide.

New or used phone- Know if it is already rooted

In original condition, a mobile is not rooted. However, while you have purchased a second-hand mobile, you do not know whether the previous user has rooted it. Thus, we have presented you with the simple ways for checking out if the mobile set has already been rooted.

1. Find root checking application and then download it

Open Play Store from your mobile and then search for the relevant app by typing- root app. Install the chosen one and open it. A pop-up will appear and it will ask you if you like to click on superuser permission option. You will find out the information on whether the phone is rooted. Root Checker and lots of other apps work in this way-

Download the free app, Root Checker


Open it and find a screen with Agree option


Click Verify Root button and give the permission


The application will send a confirmation message to present the information on rooting.


For unrooted phone, the app gives notification that root access has not been installed.

2. Is there any Kinguser Icon, present on the Smartphone?

You may try to identify this icon. While this icon is available on the screen, it indicates that the mobile is the rooted set. Super User and Kinguser- both are very popular options for rooting any Android mobile.


While you have seen SU level on your mobile, this indicates the rooted one. However, there’re also several other root checking tools, available in the market.

In some cases, you may not get success with the above processes. That is why there is another option, left for you.

Download a terminal tool on your mobile. Open it to locate the sign- #. It indicates that the mobile has rooting accessibility. However, while there is $ symbol, this represents the absence of superuser mode. But, this does not always denote that the mobile is unrooted. Enter the letters- su. The rooted phone will surely identify it.

So, try out these ways for checking the rooted or unrooted phone.


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