Read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone

There are a lot of situations in which you might want to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone. One of the most important situations where this might be the case is if you are a parent.

Additionally, bosses are responsible for their employees and are, thus, liable to check up on them and ensure that they are doing the work that has been assigned to them as efficiently as they possibly can.

There are apps that can allow you to read someone’s text messages, but they usually involve installing them on their phone. This would not go over well. As a parent, it would make your child lose faith in you and hide things from you actively if you force them to install an app on their phones.

Additionally, even though installing a spy app on someone’s phone is illegal. If you are their boss, it can cause hostility from your employees because they might feel like they are being unnecessarily watched. Having your employees turn against you is not the best way to use your day, so you should be careful while trying to read their text messages.

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The True Answer

The only answer to how to spy on text messages without installing software on someone’s phone is that you can’t. The best way you can read these messages is by using a spy app such as Copy9. This app is a fantastic way to monitor what people are doing on their phone. By using Copy9, you would be able to know exactly what your employee or child is doing on their phone.


All you have to do with Copy9 is to download it on your phone and make an account. Following this, you can enter the numbers of the people that you want to check up on. Upon doing so, you would be able to monitor their activities without them even knowing about it.


This is an absolutely phenomenal way to get the best out of your employees or to keep your children safe. It is undetectable, it is safe, and the best thing is that you will not be spying on everything your children or employees are doing. Instead, you would be able to set up parameters and only if these parameters are breached would you get a notification.

For example, if your child is grounded, you would be able to set up a temporary watch on their activities to make sure that they are not talking to their friends. Additionally, you can set a timer so that you can only get notifications during a certain timeframe.

This means that you can monitor your employees from 9 to 5, but after this, they are free to do whatever they want. You can also make an hour-long exception every day which you can use for your employee’s lunch break.

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