Spy Call Logs and Call History on Android Phones

This app is widely used to hack call logs and spy calls from any device. The best part is that it is compatible with all operating systems such as Android, Apple or Windows.

Aside from spying calls it also keeps a record of all call logs as long as you have included the settings as you desire. Isn’t that awesome? It is a very easy app to use, and it is regularly updated to improve your user experience.

How does the Copy9 spy app work?

Copy9 app is developed for both Android and iPhone users, whereby once it is activated, it allows you to go through your target’s phone and gives you full rights access to any data you may wish to spy on.

After you access the information, the app then sends the data to the Copy9 servers through your account using your target’s phone. This can be achieved through mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity. 


What stands out about the App?

This app stands tall against its competitors in the market, mainly because of the features it holds. You can use it on your phone, tablet or PC. There is so much you can do using this app including:

  • Viewing call logs

With this app you have the chance to spy on callsview all call logs, see any missed calls and also the time and date when the call was done. Did we mention that you can also spy how long a call took? Talk of taking spying into a whole new level!

  • View text messages

through texting has considerably reduced because of all the messaging apps available, the app will still give you access to your target’s phone text message records without a sweat. You can view sent, received or deleted texts.

  • GPS tracking

with this service, you take spying a notch higher because you can track the exact location of your target person. The app also stores location history logs.

  • You have access to contacts and calendar

with this app you can even see planned activities or schedules as well as their contact database.

  • You are able to record calls and surroundings

you can set this app to listen and record all incoming or outgoing calls. This will give you information on what is being planned behind your back.

Why should you choose this App?

  • Copy9 gives you quality service for your money with all the features available.
  • It is also very affordable, costing almost the same as your regular cup of coffee.
  • You can use this app remotely and the information is stored in your secure cloud account.

Final thoughts

Now you can rest easy and keep tabs on your children’s phone activities mischief as you silently gather your evidence. Go ahead and keep yourself informed!

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