3 Ways to Read Someones Text Messages without them knowing 2018

Spying on other people’s text messages has been on people’s minds since the invention of smartphones. Everyone has their own personal reasons why they want to spy on other person’s phone and check out what he or she has been up to.Maybe you want to see what your children are doing while online, what your employees are talking with friends.

With a little research you can check and compare different methods and pick the one you think would be best for your needs. Here you will learn more about the methods for spying on other people’s text messages, so get properly informed and see what you can do with each method.

Using Copy9 Spy App.

So, What is Copy9? Copy9 is a spy text app developed for successful spy on text messages for Android users. As soon as you activate this spy text application you can easily do the sms spy and see the entire conversation of the phone user. You can freely browse through the smartphone of the victim and get access to anything you want.


This spy text app is connected with your account at my.copy9.com where you will be getting all the information you need. The information is transferred through the wireless internet or mobile data of the kids’s or employees smartphone. Some of the top reasons in favor of Copy9 spy text application include:

  • Its great compatibility with All Android devices, top quality support 24/7
  • Also the fact that installing this sms spy application requires following just two simple steps.
  • Besides that, you also have a free trial which you can use to spy on text messages and see all the benefits before you decide whether you will further use it.
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    Great thing about this application is that all the features are working in the background of the phone and they cannot be detected. The childs of the targeted phone will never know that the phone is monitored by you.

How Copy9 works?

As we mentioned, the app requires the same things as ordinary apps. Although the installation process is slightly different, it is also simple. Acquire the targeted device, the one you want to install the app too. It can be completed in less than 5 minutes. All you will have to do is to follow the steps below:

The Powerful Features of Copy9

All of the features are working silently and efficiently and you can check all the information by simply logging to your account at my.copy9.com. With Copy9 you can also do:

  • GPS tracking
  • You can view call history
  • Monitor all internet activities
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    Remotely access the phone and record all calls and sms messages
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    View multimedia files, and do many other things

You do not have to have some special computer skills to operate with this spy text app, so every person can use it. There are many other benefits that come with Copy9 besides the mentioned, so make sure you install the application and check everything out by yourself.

That was the first method for reading someone’s text messages, but there are other methods that you can try out as well. Then you can see which one of them is the best for spying on text messages.​​

Method 2: How to read someone’s text messages without having their phone?

A question that many people ask is whether it is possible to transfer text messages from Android to computer? This is the main question that many people want to get it answered. If you can find a way to intercept text messages without target phone then you will be in a major advantage over the smartphone user.

Millions of people are using their smartphones every day, so these devices have become irreplaceable items in people’s lives. The increased communication through calls and texts leads people to seeking for efficient ways to intercept text messages without target phone.

There are many ways and methods out there, but not all of them are equally good or efficient.Communication through text messaging is the most popular form of communication nowadays. It is one of the oldest types of communication and at the same time also one of the easiest.

Sending and receiving text messages has never been easier, so that is why billions of text messages are exchanged every single day. However, phones are also prone to hacking so messages and calls can be intercepted as well.

That is why a good idea is to back up messages to a computer, so you can review them later. Interesting fact is that text messages cannot be stored on an external memory card, which makes text messages different in comparison to other media files.

For storing sms messages you can use a backup application where you will store all the messages and other media files. Then you can export and import them at your convenience. You can also use a Cloud service to store messages taken from the phone. In order to do so you need to register at some Cloud provider. If you want to intercept text messages without target phone you can use simple an applications below for checking out phone messages.

SMS backup & Restore



  • Messages are backed up in XML format which can also be converted to other format that can be viewed on a computer.
  • Capable of creating a scheduler for automatic backup. Capable of restore.
  • View all messages or selected conversations.
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    Delete all the messages on the phone
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    Backup file can also be emailed.


  • Need to change settings to backup a single conversation.

These applications will provide you with some advantages like storing, reviewing and deleting messages, doing backup, formatting and selecting particular messages and many other things. However, instead of experimenting with applications that only claim that you can intercept text messages without target phone it is always better to go for an application that has proven record of successful tracking of other phones.

That is why you should opt in for a quality application through which you can read other people’s messages without having their phone in your hands. Remote control is a major advantage today, so make sure you use the maximum of it.

Method 3: How to read text messages from another for free?

Checking out other text messages is to transfer text messages from iPhone to Mac, PC or another iPhone. You surely want to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone.

That is the best way for spying on other text messages, so if the spy application does not require you to install something on the phone then that will make things a lot easier. There are ways for reading text messages from another phone for free, so read on and get informed about it.

You probably know that when you are setting up a new smartphone like iPhone, your application for messages is empty. However, when there are many messages inside the phone then it will be very useful for you to learn how can you transfer them from one iPhone to another.

If you look to How to read text messages from another phone for free you can transfer them to Mac. There are some applications for doing so, and a few of them give you access to data which you can save to Mac.

The PhoneView

Which is free to try and costs about thirty dollars to buy. With this application you can get access and How to Read Someone’s Texts Without Their Phone?

  • First thing you need to do is to install the application, then open it and connect the iPhone with the Mac.
  • Click on the messages option in the sidebar and wait for a few minutes before the messages load.
  • In the middle column you will find the conversations made with other people and you can click on their names to check out the messages shared with them.
  • All the information can be saved in PDF format and you can extract the messages by simple copying to your computer.


You can try an application like CopyTrans which is free to try and see how it works.

  • You can try an application like CopyTrans which is free to try and see how it works.
  • As soon as you install this application you need to follow the software instructions for transferring messages.
  • Also you should not forget to install appropriate drivers, because the application will require you to do so.
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    Then you will need to connect the phone into the computer, wait for a few minutes and copy the messages.
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    One negative side is that you will often have to wait a bit longer for the transfer to complete, especially if there is large number of messages from other applications like Viber or WhatsApp.
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    You can later extract all the information you are interested in into a Word document, so you can review it easily.

Besides this method there are many other ways through which you can export messages. Just remember the saving location on your computer and then you will get a clear overview of the all information that was stored on the phone.


As you can see, there are plenty of options for you when it comes to reading someone’s text messages without their phone.It is good to have many options, but always choose something that is top quality for the intended purpose.

We can conclude that Copy9 app is the best and easiest method for reading someone’s text messages. This application is great in all aspects. Probably the major advantage is the fact that you have only two steps to follow – download and install the app.

Nothing else is required, which makes this application ideal for beginners and for those that want to get annoyed with long or complex installation processes. Many of the other applications have low quality or no support at all, while with Copy9 you have a professional customer support available to you 24 hours per day, every day of the week.

The free trial version means that you can freely try the application to see if you like it, so there is no pressure on you to buy it right away.

Get A Free Trial Now!

This is ideal for tracking your children, workers. All in all, Copy9 is all-in-one solution for many different good things besides spying on text messages. It is a complete package spying application that will give you access to numerous great things. Get this application today and you will definitely be satisfied with the benefits it brings you.

Why Copy9?

  • With Copy9 you can also check your kids phone messages or monitor the conversation of your employees remotely.
  • Remote monitoring, easy install and simple access are some things that make Copy9 stand out from the other similar applications on the market.
  • You will not make a mistake if you choose to buy this application because you will get an instant access to many other great features as well.
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    Appearance of popular chat applications like Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger gives chance to people to stay connected at all times.
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    From the user control panel you can also get the GPS location immediately, together with information about coordinates, address and exact time.
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