Top 10 Spy Call Recorder

​​​​The spy call recording features are coming with the majority of legitimate uses. Among them, parents must keep their children safe and employers strive to maintain stable and efficient business operations.

Are you looking for a way to hack a phone more specifically than secretly listening to someone's call without their knowledge? Here we have covered the easiest hidden spy call recorder for android phones to listen to someone's call remotely.

Here we will discuss Android's best-hidden call recording features. We will allow you to fully understand their features and specifications so that they are recommended for use on our list. Furthermore, you will review the next apps that are updated with the latest Android version.

1. Copy9 Remote Call Recorder

Copy9 answers the question: how can you hack a phone? It is also one of the most famous spy call recording software for Android mobile phones to secretly record someone's incoming and outgoing calls. It is a fully functional hidden call recorder with advanced features required with a call recorder.


This hidden call recorder has an online control panel and remote call recording, enough to make things happen just to send commands from Copy9 hidden call recorder to your target phone remotely.

How to use Hidden Spy Call Recorder for Android?

how to download copy9
  • Download & Install the Copy9 spy call recorder in your target phone
  • Enter the license key in Copy9 hidden call recorder.
  • Now when your target phone gets incoming & outgoing calls it will secretly record calls & upload them on the Copy9 dashboard.

2. Automatic Hidden call recorder

This application is a smaller amount common than the Copy9 hidden call recorder with no icons in an exceeding list; however, it also comes equipped with a premium call recording feature.

Key features that surprised users were some organizing features, automatic call recording and therefore the ability to record only one phone per license.

Moreover, it also supports cloud storage backup with other small but unique features. Hence, it's all about the features that appeal to the customer.

3. Black box Mobile secret call recorder

You can also call it a professional offline call recording app and call log views. it's a flashy level of features: quality call recording, cloud backup support and automatic call recording.

Furthermore, you'll also track calls on iPhone and windows but it doesn't always add stealth mode.

4. Bold beast spy call recorder

This is an opaque app that works for you correctly or doesn't work at all. Alternatively, you can check google play rating if there are any reliability issues. However, in both cases, the spy call recorder is well done. That's because you can set hidden call recording manually if needed with the help of any hotkey.

Furthermore, it works like a voice recorder if you want. In addition, this application supports all types of the latest Android versions, including Android 8.0 and 5.0. Additionally, it works for Android 10 and 9; However, there are a number of complications that are different from these Android versions.

5. Call recorder automatic

It is also a decent app for recording calls from the destination android app. It works super well; however, you wish to possess the decision loudspeaker hospitable paying attention to the conversation.

In addition, this application is incredibly easy to use. because it will record, organize and share calls if you wish them. However, some people within the review reported problems with call log settings.

6. Cube call recorder

The cube call recorder is one of the few spy call recorders on the list with their real names. this is often an app that not only works with regular phone calls but also works with phone calls made via Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and other social media apps.

It also includes a bunch of useful features like playback, organizing and other essential recording features.

7. Otter voice notes

Otter's voice note may be a translation service and organizes voice notes. you'll quickly transcribe your existing voice notes, organize notes, and more. Moreover, its call recording method is exclusive and highly optimized.

Plus, you get 600 minutes of copying per month free. Additionally, there are styles of subscription options, and once you get their paid services, you get more of the benefit of the decision recording feature.

8. Smart Recorder by Smart Mob

A smart recorder is the other highly optimized voice recorder app. Moreover, it's not designed for call recording, mainly; however, it can bonk during a pinch. The simplest part of this feature is that it'll skip silences that you just don't wish to concentrate on.


Furthermore, it'll save your storage similarly. Additionally, to the present, it's not the most effective choice if the battery saving is your concern. However, long call recording could be a challenging task with the assistance of this feature.

9. Smart voice recorder

A smart recorder is another call recording option. However, it is a free app, so there may be issues with ads. That's because there is no wall of fees.

Moreover, it can easily switch between call recording and standard recording if you want. Furthermore, you can record some audio codecs and share them with cloud storage if desired.

10. Voice recorder by splendid apps

It is another voice and spy call recording function. Most of its features are for voice recording and it lacks a call recording feature. Additionally, some features support variable bit rate settings.

Moreover, the decision recording feature is reasonable and ineffective. However, if you wish to kill two stones, this application takes precedence, but it lacks quality.


Copy9 is the only highly optimized and super-advanced of these applications. If you're searching for something quite a call recording feature, then it's only Copy9 which is the best spy app. the primary and foremost feature that you just can record every form of a call, either missed incoming or outgoing calls.


Moreover, there's nothing else that you just must compromise on something with the Copy9 hidden call recorder app.

Moreover, you'll be able to block any call remotely from the Copy9 dashboard; it's a budget-friendly option, as well. you'll be able to easily install this app into your target user, so you spy on them calls discreetly.

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