Top 6 BEST Phone Spy Apps For Android And iPhone In 2022

In-depth comparison of major cell phone spy apps, including analysis of their features and costs. Select the best Spy Phone App from this list:

Just the mention of the word "spy" conjures images of controversy. Since illicit hacking and camera access have caused widespread unease among IT professionals and major business owners, it is understandable that many of them would be skeptical of digital spying.

However, just like any other tool, phone surveillance software can be used for both legitimate and unethical purposes.

Why Use Spyware Apps

Many people have good reasons for wanting to install a spy app on their phones. You can use these programs to trace a lost or stolen device, keep tabs on your kid's mobile activities, or record all text messages and phone calls made and received by a specific phone number.

These days, you can pick from a wide selection of different apps that serve this purpose. Selecting the most effective spy app for your phone can seem like a hard task. We're here to put your mind at ease when you make a choice.

This guide will introduce you to some of the top spy phone applications currently on the market and provide information about their functionality, features, and cost. At the same time, we will suggest some of the best spyware programs that we have used.

What Are Phone Spy Apps

The term "phone spying app" refers to a category of apps designed to monitor the use of a target phone. In addition to tracking the phone's current location, you can listen in on and read text messages sent and received from the device. The end user will never know that one of these apps is installed on their device.

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Pro-Tips: Before purchasing a phone spy program, learn about the rules that apply to the area in which you will be working. It is possible that your government does not permit the usage of such applications in your area. Second, look at the app's overall reception; it should have an overwhelmingly good response from its user base. Choose an app that does not have a complicated UI and is easy to use.

Fact Check: In research conducted in the United Kingdom and the United States, a large number of individuals were questioned whether they would spy on their children's phones. The responses ranged from absolutely not to only if they were concerned about the safety of their child. Although it is permissible for parents to snoop on a minor's phone, they are not permitted to spy on adult children because the consequences can be severe.

The same sample asked if they'd spy on their spouse's phone. Negative result.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1) Are Phone Spy Apps Legal?
Only in the cases of monitoring your own phone use or that of a minor is it considered acceptable. It is extremely illegal to install such programs on another person's smartphone without their knowledge or agreement, and doing so can lead to significant legal consequences. We only advise you to utilize such programs for legitimate reasons only.

#2) Can Such Apps be loaded on another device without physically touching that device?
Answer: Yes, these apps can be remotely installed on another device without coming into direct contact with them. Of course, this feature differs from app to app.

#3) Is it feasible to find out whether your phone is being spied upon?
Answer: Yes, you simply have to keep a watch on suspicious appearing apps or notifications on your device. You can also install powerful anti-virus software to detect and delete spyware, malware, or adware of any type from your device.

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List Of The Best Phone Spy Apps

Here is the list of the most popular Spy Apps:

  1. Copy9
  2. mSpy
  3. Hoverwatch
  4. XNSPY
  5. Cocospy
  6. uMobix

Comparing Best Cell Phone Spying Apps


Best For


Free Trial




Parental Monitoring Application



1 Month: $30.99,
3 Months : $27.99,
12 Months: $14.99.



iOS and Android


1 Month: $48.99,
3 Months : $27.99,
12 Months: $11.66.


Online and Offline Phone Tracking.

iOS and Android


Basic: $4.99/month,
Premium: $7.49/month.


Simple Remote Smartphone Monitoring

Android and iOS


Android Premium – 9.99/month, Basic – 39.99/month, Family – 69.99


Mobile phone tracker with hidden tracking capabilities.

Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.


It starts at $6.00 per device per month.


Real-time monitoring of activities on smartphone & tablet.

Android OS 5+ and iPhones & iPads.


It starts at $29.99.

Let us review these spyware apps in detail:

#1) Copy9
Best for Parental Monitoring.


Copy9 is yet another excellent option for monitoring a target phone remotely. The fact that it is primarily employed as a parental monitoring app sets it apart from the competition.

It's a powerful system that can track virtually any kind of behavior online or off, including cell phone use, whereabouts, multimedia files, and more. It enables the management of apps and software on a planted device from a distance.


Constantly checking popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
Message deletion recovery, app/website/contact blocking remotely, etc.
The app can capture your screen activity.

Final Thoughts: Copy9 is a fantastic app that provides all the capabilities needed for parental monitoring. It allows you to keep tabs on anything from keystrokes and taps to social media conversations and shared photos. All of these monitoring capabilities are available from it without raising suspicion.

- 1 Month – $48.99/month,
- 3 Months – $27.99/month,
- 12 Months – $11.66/month.

#2) mSpy

Best for Phone Tracking for Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Installing mSpy on the target device and using it to eavesdrop is a breeze. It's a web-based program that uses all the tools that modern users of mobile spy software have come to anticipate.

With stealth mode activated, the gadget performs admirably. It's all done remotely, so the phone's owner has no idea that their calls, texts, whereabouts, and web browsing are being monitored. The program may also secretly take images using the phone's camera without the target knowing.

All the data is transmitted and stored in a safe online account.


* Convert Calls to Audio
* Unobtrusive GPS Monitor
* Review of Remote Screenshot Capture and Remote Camera Access: mSpy allows you to covertly take command of the targeted device without raising suspicion.

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* This makes the program exceptionally user-friendly and straightforward.

- 3-day free trial,
- Personal plan – $24.95/month,
- Professional Plan – $ 49.95/month.


Best for Online and Offline Phone Tracking.

Perhaps the most well-known of these espionage apps for cell phones is XNSPY. Actually, when compared to other spyware programs, it's at the very top. It's a handy way to keep an eye on the kids or the staff at the office.

It has over 30 high-tech capabilities that let you monitor incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages in real-time. Also, the phone's GPS location can be monitored, which is useful for keeping tabs on kids or locating a misplaced device.

Over the past few years, the software has added increasingly sophisticated functions including WIFI logs and WhatsApp surveillance. Over time, the software improves and matures into something truly remarkable.


  • Keep an eye on their messages and calls.
  • Check Your IM Conversations.
  • Online GPS and Keystroke Tracking Spyware.
    Conclusion: XNSPY is one of the best phone spy programs on the market right now for both Android and iPhone users thanks to its combination of cutting-edge functionality, low price, and helpful customer care staff. It's always becoming better, which is reason enough to buy it.

Basic: $4.99/month,
Premium: $7.49/month.

#4) Cocospy

Best for Simple Remote Smartphone Monitoring.

Cocospy is a simple and straightforward mobile spying tool that works on a wide variety of devices. It can be installed in under 5 minutes and operates invisibly, so the owner of the phone will never know it's there.

Utilizing a comprehensive dashboard, the software allows users to keep tabs on virtually every aspect of the monitored device in real-time.

Logs of incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and web activity may all be viewed without much effort. The program also has the capability of tracking a target's live location via their SIM card or GPS.


  •  Notices of Approaching Geofences
  • Phone Call Recorder
  • Stealth Mode Social Media Spyware Monitors Web Activity

    Cocospy's user-friendly features, such as its quick setup and intuitive control panel, have garnered rave reviews from customers throughout the world.

    With this program loaded and running covertly in the background, there is no way to keep your smartphone activities secret. There's no need to jailbreak or root your phone to use the software; it's compatible with both iOS and Android.


Android: Premium – 9.99/month, Basic – 39.99/month, Family – 69.99 (when purchased annually)
iOS: Premium 10.83/month, Basic – 99.99/month, Family – 399.99 (when purchased annually)

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#5) uMobix

Only uMobix gives complete access to both Instagram and Facebook. Anyone can access another user's Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to change their privacy settings, add or remove friends, and delete or follow profiles.

The only app that is fully functional on both iOS and Android is uMobix. This ensures a smooth installation process and bug-free monitoring afterward.

Contrary to its rivals, uMobix does not necessitate the jailbreaking of iOS devices. After performing an iCloud backup, you can immediately begin monitoring by entering your iCloud ID and password.

The app has some very cutting-edge capabilities, such as a status indicator for when the user is online, real-time reporting for Android devices, YouTube monitoring, app activity tracking, etc.

Among the available spy apps, uMobix is the most cost-effective option.

Price: Starts from $29.99, Free trial.

#6) Hoverwatch

Best for mobile phone trackers with hidden tracking capabilities like recording location, SMS, call audio, internet activity, etc.

Hoverwatch is a covert mobile phone tracking tool that may record the target's whereabouts, text messages, phone calls, social media activity, and more. It's a tool for keeping tabs on people's online actions. It is compatible with Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS X. It operates in secret, rendering itself completely undetectable to the Android device's owner.


  • Hoverwatch has the capability to record both incoming and outgoing calls on the target device.
  • It keeps tabs on everything from Facebook chats to text messages to web browsing history on the phone.
  • WhatsSpy, SnapSpy, Viber Spy, and more are all included in this suite of monitoring applications.
  • In addition to GPS location tracking, Android screenshots, SIM card change detection, task and call tracking, and more, it also includes a plethora of other features.
  • Conclusion: Hoverwatch is a stealthy smartphone spy app that can monitor text messages, phone calls, social media accounts, GPS whereabouts, and more.

    Price: Hoverwatch offers the solution with three pricing plans, Personal (Starts at $24.95 per month), Professional (Starts at $9.99 per month per device), and Business (Starts at $6.00 per month per device). In order to join, you need only provide an email address (which is also free).


When utilized by parents who want to shield their children from the dangers of the internet and by businessmen who want to safeguard their operations, cell phone spy apps prove to be invaluable. Only for certain purposes are such apps acceptable.

If used improperly, marijuana can destroy friendships and even get you arrested. Pick your justifications carefully. If you're looking for a sophisticated spying solution without breaking the bank, we advise checking out either Copy9 or FlexiSPY. The bare-bones version of mSpy is available for those who prefer a more austere user experience, especially for reasons of parental control.

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