3 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location without Installing Software?

Chances are that many of you would like to know more about someone’s phone’s location. The fact of the matter is that most people wear their phones in their pockets or handbags, so if you can locate someone’s phone, it means that in most cases you will also know of the person’s current location as well.

So, if you’re really interested in finding out someone’s cellphone location, then we suggest that you read this article and learn about some of the methods in which you can use for this purpose.

Is it possible to track a cell phone location without installing software?

If you wish to learn how to track a cell phone location without installing software, the first thing that you need to be aware of is that this is indeed possible to do.

That’s right – you won’t need to install any type of software for some of these methods that we’re about to share to work. The fact of the matter is that phone theft is one of the most frequent kinds of theft that we’re facing nowadays.

This means that the phone manufacturers and phone users would have an interest in being able to locate the current location of the phone in case it is stolen.

So, the manufacturers of phones have indeed installed functions into the newer models of phones that will enable the users to find their location – again, this is done with the purpose of finding the phone after it is stolen.

Continue reading if you wish to learn the methods.

How to track a cell phone location without installing software?

Part 1: How to track a Cell Location using iCloud?

The company Apple has installed the “find my iPhone” function into their models of phones. This means that all you will need to do in order to find a particular phone’s location is to activate this option in the phone’s settings – you can find it as “find my iPhone” in the iCloud section of the settings.


After you activate it, you will be able to use the iCloud website online in order to track the current location of the phone. 

  • Open iCloud.com in any web browser.
  • Log into your iCloud account.
  • Click on Find iPhone in the main menu.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in if prompted
  • Click on All Devices at the top.

It’s as easy as that and this method can be used by most anyone.

Part 2: How to Track a Cell Location using Android Device Manager?

What happens if you’re not using an iPhone however? What happens if your device is running Android?

Well, fear not, because there is another way in which you can track your phone by using the Android Device Manager, which is presently known as Find My Phone option.


This option is up and running automatically in most of the newer android phones so you won’t even have to go through the hassle of activating it.

However, if you’re running an older Android model, then you may need to manually activate this option. If your phone is connected to a Google account, then you can use the web in order to use the “find my phone” option. 

You will be given a few options here – to make the phone make a sound, to lock it, or to completely erase it. The first option is great to use if you lost your phone in your home, the second and third options are great if your phone is stolen.

Part 3: How to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

If you wish to know how to track a cell phone location without them knowing – then we have yet another method for you.

This method entails the installing of software, however – but the best thing about this method is the fact that you will be able to instantly install this software and begin using it. The program that we’re talking about is Copy9 and it’s one of the most widely used pieces of software for tracking phones. 


Its intuitive usefulness and the fact that you can get it for very cheap – or even to try it out for free – give it a lot of leverage when you compare it to other spying software. So, we recommend you to use this method if you really can’t be bothered with the use of some of the other no-software phone tracking methods.

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