The Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android 2018

Child abuse, pornography and cyber threats- these have become common news that we find every day on internet, TV or radio. Do you know the most potential source of these issues?

It’s the social media or the messenger apps that prompt user to get engaged in these activities. With simple instructions, you cannot keep your teens away from online chats with unknown persons.

So, what you should do is to spy on them regularly.

Spy on WhatsApp remotely

Now, as WhatsApp has become one of the popular texting apps, you may target it to start your spying process. If you are looking for the best WhatsApp spy app, you can rely on Copy9. 


You may see that your dear ones are constantly busy with chatting through WhatsApp. But, you cannot know about their conversation without accessing their phone physically.

We have solved your problem by designing a new app- Copy9. There is no need to ask lots of questions to the target persons. You will get instant information on their activities on your mobile. As a new user, you may like to know how to spy on WhatsApp. Only install our Copy9 app on the target device, and then, it will start its work automatically. 

You may remotely control everyday WhatsApp conversation using your device. It is really simpler than what you have thought. Malicious conversations may cause WhatsApp users to face risks. So, our spy app helps you to capture the data that is transferred through the online platform of WhatsApp.

  • Photos and text messages
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WhatsApp, as a messenger app, helps in sending or receiving messages and photos from other users. You may view all those images, shared by the target WhatsApp users. You will be able to go through the content of those text messages remotely from your phone.

  • WhatsApp voice calls

The messenger app is also used for voice calls, and our spy app is created to track all those calls. You may also listen to these recordings at any time, when you need. 

How to Use This WhatsApp Spy App for Android?

Step 1: Make sure your Android phone is rooted.

Some programs (i.e. and don’t require tackling it seriously, but in this case, you won’t make the most of some advanced reporting features (e.g. monitoring WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber,... ). They simply won’t work to their full extent.

Copy9, an advanced mobile phone tracker, doesn’t require rooting in general as well; but again, some advanced features (Keylogger, viewing WhatsApp and other Instant Messengers) won’t function without it.

Step 2: Install the Copy9 app

You need to physically access the target device once to install its tracking app. After unlocking the phone

Go Settings > Security and just Enable Unknown Sources. Ok .


If you see the notice "Installation Blocked" select Install anyway (unsafe) and If you already have an account with Copy9 go to Login, If you do not have an account then create a new one.


When you install Copy9, your device will prompt all the permissions the app needs to be installed. Please accept (tap Next) them and Copy9 will be installed automatically.

*** If target device is rooted, please tap “Accept” or “Grant” SuperUser to gain permission to track messages of social networking apps such as Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp Messenger, Skype, Tango … 


Step 3: Track WhatsApp chats remotely

In order to use its WhatsApp spy app for Android, go to the left panel of the dashboard ( and click on "WhatsApp history". This will display an in-depth chat history of the WhatsApp account of the respective user.


In addition to spying on WhatsApp, you may also know about other information

  • Browsing details

Get the information on all the websites, visited from the target device. You will also find the date and frequency of those visits on each of the sites. A clear list will be easily understandable to you.

  • Mobile location

Copy9 software has been developed for collecting data on the target mobile location. You may also alter the frequency of tracking the location from your own online account. Our app helps you in viewing the present location of the particular user.

Moreover, you may also detect your travel route on the map. You can access your account from almost any mobile that has internet connectivity. You will not need to worry on where your dear ones are spending time at present. So, with Copy9, it becomes easy for you to track the geolocation of a person.

  • Call tracker
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We have already said that Copy9 can track WhatsApp calls. However, it is also able to record all other calls, received or dialed through the target mobile.

You can listen to the audio, recorded by the app, and this will help you to know about the detailed conversation between two persons. You will also get the details on call duration, call time and call type (like outgoing, incoming or missed call). Moreover, contact names and their numbers may also be revealed to you. So, use our app to know the important information on any target mobile user.

All types of users can get advantage from our app

  • Parents

Though Smartphone is the best tool for having contact with your children, it may become the cause of distraction of those teens. Combat all the threats to your kids by installing our spy application.

  • Employers

While your employees do not concentrate on their work, it affects your business productivity. So, you can download our spy app and track the employees, who waste time through chatting or visiting various social media sites. You can make your employees more organized in their work.

Get Free Trial Copy9

We have 2-day free trial offer for the new users. However, the paid version of the app has lots of new things to offer you. Our application works on mobile platforms Android. You have to cover only three major steps to enjoy our app.

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